Judging the Pontchatoula Gumbo Cookoff — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve was asked to judge several 4-H cooking contest when 2 of my children were still in school and again about 3 years ago. It’s a tough job! I think Hubby and I (3 years ago) ate bits of dishrag! Lol! Our taste buds recovered, but it took a day. At least it was for a worthy cause!
    BTW, 8 minutes after your email, the notification about the new post came in.

    • That’s because the notification was manually generated!!! It’s fun judging, though, isn’t it? We had quite a few good laughs Saturday during this judging. Hokie was there judging with us, and he’s fighting this cancer with everything he’s got. Was so good to see him and laugh with him again. And I’m assuming you were safe from last Tuesday’s tornado rampage?

      • The tornado in our area was about a mile away from us. Today I noticed a loose shingle on the barn Hubby’ will have to fix. I’ll help haul the extension ladder but that’s it.!

  2. Oh goody, the page is displaying as a real page today! It was just stacked page upon page last night and I couldn’t get in for anything.

    I wish I had been near that cookoff! They would have probably tossed me out for eating so much! 🙂 I love gumbo, hubby will only eat your Redneck Gumbo since there is no roux. The man don’t know good food.

    About 8 years ago, at the company picnic, he and a friend were asked to judge the desserts. He said he would NEVER do that again. I laughed so hard at his expressions as he ate. He doesn’t like sweet foods that much.

    • I’m glad he likes the Redneck, because it is so easy to make and very, very tasty!!! I don’t think I would like judging desserts, either. Nothing like all that sugar to send one into a sugar coma!

  3. Oh, my. Over here, the chili and barbeque cookoffs abound, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an announcement for a gumbo cookoff. I guess I’ll have to head east for that. But there are crawfish galore popping up everywhere. I think it must be early in the season, because they’re pricey, ($5.99/lb) but it’s yet another sign of spring.

    Speaking of: it is spring, for sure. The gators are out, and the turtles. The white pelicans and coots are flocking to head north, and just today I saw the my first swallows. Bring it on, sez me!

  4. $5.99 a lb?? Wow. I saw the ad in the grocery paper for $104. for a 35 lb bag. I am so ready for our boil.

    • That was a restaurant price. I went and looked, and our best local seller has them for $2.99/lb now. That’s a little more reasonable for an evening out.

      • . . . . . says the brave woman who ate her first during Mardi Gras last year!! Ready for some more, are you? 🙂

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