La. Outdoor Writers Association – 70th Annual Conference – The Fishing Trip — 16 Comments

  1. Your jowls blowing in the wind?! You are a card. The outing sounds like it was so much fun. Your grin says it all. And you have a new feather to stick in you cap! Wonderful read.

    • Literally, the speed of the wind was blowing my cheeks back!!!! It was a lot of fun, truly! Yep, and I mastered a challenge! Who said old ladies can’t learn new tricks?

    • Thanks for reading. All the guys will read, and I sure hope they take my observations with fondness! I just got so tickled watching them get their stuff together!

  2. Capt. Wendy you are just a hoot and a half! I love reading your articles of your fabulous adventures. I so wish we could get down there soon for a Bayou Woman Adventure soon. Keep the photos and descriptive adventures coming, sometimes I feel like I’m almost there with you breathing in the salt air, getting wet, smelling like fish, cutting and gutting them! LOL too much fun for one day!!!

    • Well, there was no cutting and gutting that day. We were purely catch and release like bass fishermen do for sport. All fish were returned unharmed, LOL!!! Besides, staying at a hotel, I had no place to clean them and no way to freeze them for two days!!!

  3. oh, one more thing, you are so right about the guys, sorry fellows, but I was raised with 6 brothers and work with ALL men and believe me they don’t move nearly as fast as ants, but still ants all the same! LOL But you gotta love them, they make our world go ’round!

    • I hope they all don’t get mad at me for picking on them, but God knows, they picked on me enough about not knowing how to use a baitcaster! So, you know what they say about payback! Miss you and wish you would come this fall.

  4. Although I’ve not seen him in a very long time, I knew about Corey’s fishing career.
    There was a time when a lot of people in Ascension Parish thought he and his brothers would have baseball careers.
    Btw…I too don’t want to go that fast in a boat! They don’t have BRAKES!

    • Steph, he mentioned he and his brother’s baseball playing, and here’s what he said about that while we were fishing: “I wish I would have hung up the baseball glove long before I did and bought me a bass boat when I was about 13 or 14 years old.” So, I guess we all have some regrets, but he’s still a young guy, comparatively speaking with lots of good fishing years ahead of him! Great guy, truly!

  5. I do love reading your fishing posts, even though I don’t know diddly-squat about fishing. I listen to the Outdoor show enough to know that there are live bait people, and artificial lure people, and that different fish require different approaches. Beyond that? It’s all a mystery!

    I did recognize that name — Lake Verret. I still remember the photos one of my friends took there of the yellow and blue flags, and of the cypress. Gorgeous. Right now, I can’t stand thinking of outdoor fun. It’s so hot, that working is miserable, and when I can’t stand it any more, I just want to be in the AC. I’m not as tough as I used to be, I guess.

    Do bass eat soft plastics? Or what? I can’t imagine that they’d like shrimp or live mullet. As I said — it’s all a mystery. (Gosh, I miss Blu when these fishing posts come up.)

    • It is absolutely gorgeous. I hauled my pontoon boat up there several years ago to help out another swamp tour guide with the Eagle Expo, two years running. It was then that I fell in love with that area. The flags are gorgeous in March, and the cypress are always breathtaking. We even saw a couple of eagles that must have decided to nest there year-round. Bass will bite plastic worms, crawfish, and frogs, so yes! But if you look closely in the photo, or click the link for Humdinger, you will see it is a flashy metal bait with a “skirt” around the hook. They love the flash of those metal spinners! I used that bait all day long! We never use shrimp, mullet or other things we use for saltwater species.

  6. Just to let you know, the photo which you posted here also appeared in today’s Ascension Advocate (section of Baton Rouge Advocate on Thursdays). Lyle Johnson included it in his piece. He writes about your “weapon of choice”, was broken by Corey.

    • My friend, Polly Glover, who also lives in Prairieville, texted me first thing and told me about it! But thanks! Lyle Johnson was there with us, and he asked me for the pic to go with his article. We had a BLAST!!!!! Did you see Corey’s comment below yours?

  7. Nice article Capt! I really enjoyed our trip. Your passion and knowledge for the outdoors was truly on display on our trip and is expressed in your work. Looking forward to fishing with you again soon!

    • Thanks, Corey. I owe it all to you—great instructor, bass fisherman, and all around outdoorsman! Your passion shows in all you do, and you really impressed me with your knowledge of the eagles AND we even saw a couple! A million thanks! BW

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