Migratory birds need our islands and our coast line and a CONTEST!!! — 7 Comments

  1. Hello!!

    I think that the 2 blue birds are Indigo buntings and the big one is a pilliated woodpeck – them suckers are BIG!!!! hope I am right!!! LOL

  2. Blue grosbeak (Passerina caerulea) –I had to look it up because I’ve never seen one before–lovely bird! I see by the distribution map that they come as far north as the southernmost part of West Virginia so maybe I’ll see one when I’m traveling sometime.

    The second is a Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatu). Wouldn’t it have been cool if it was an ivory-billed one?

  3. Hey…just wondering. Do you have out anything special to attract the woodpeckers? I live in NC and am trying to lure them in LOL. Your photos are gorgeous!

    Hi Debbie! Welcome. The pileated woodpeckers do not come down to a feeder. They land on the trees and eat. However, the red bellied woodpecker LOVES to sit on a feeding table and eat the mixed wild bird seeds. But you have to have a table. You can just get an old card table from a rummage sale, or plastic table, or use an old picnic table, or just throw together some scrap wood like I did. I’m planning to do a series of woodpecker photos here very soon. Please come back and good luck woodpecker sighting! I love the name of your blog! I’ll go visit you now. BW

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