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  1. I think I’ll give them a try, they look good. I’ll leave the shell on though. I tried another brand using peeled shrimp and the shrimp were too dry (even cutting down on the cooking time) and the flavor was very intense. Besidesthat, I get a break…Hubby will have to peel his own if he wants to eat. LOL

  2. If they were not completely cooked, you just had BBQ sushi. I am one of those strange few which will enjoy the occasional raw piece of seafood, I just don’t care for most of those expensive fish they use for sushi. I mean, who is going to count the little shrimpers anyway.

    When you are talking about a towing endorsement, is that specific to a region or a class or weight requirement? Is a Workboat Captain off shore the same as a Tugboat Captain on a river or intercoastal? Is a Pilot required to be a Captain first? Is there still the same animosity towards Pilots as there was years ago by the boat skippers because of the inability for a non-family member to become one?

    Wow I didn’t realize I had so many Skipper questions, Skipper.

    PS Please don’t tell me that a boat Skipper is no longer called a Skipper. I wonder where that comes from, Hmmmmm?

    Inquiring mind this morning.

    • PS:: There used to be a little place called “Pilot Island” down on the lower Mississippi river which was basically that, where the river pilots hung out awaiting pickups, is that still there? I don’t remember any way to it except by boat but I could be wrong. heck by now they would probably have heliports.

    • Oh, and BTW I always assumed (there is that word), that the shells were left on BBQ shrimp because when BBQ’ing on a grill, they held in the juices to keep the shrimp from becoming dry and hard, as shrimp can quickly become. When it was brought inside and Faux BBQ’d (Oven BBQ’d), the shell was left on for the appearance. If you get BBQ sauce on the shell, and peel the shrimp, you get sauce on your hands and hence on the shrimp. Sort of like the Boil seasoning that people use on the crawfish after its been boiled in water.

      Course what do I know, I like shrimp raw too!

      • What you say about leaving shells on to grill them makes sense. Guess that’s why we resorted to peeling them and then wrapping them in back to put them on the grill YUM.

    • All I know is that there are different grades of licenses depending on the tonnage of vessels worked. A towing endorsement goes along with a 100-Ton license and is required in order to “tow barges”, which is what tugboats do. A workboat captain, tugboat captain, and crewboat captain ALL start with the same basic 100-Ton license. However, most workboat captains soon upgrade to 200, 300, 500, 1600, or unlimited tonnage according to the size of the boat they want to run AND can prove sea time worked upon vessels of same tonnage. As far as river pilots, I don’t think it’s animosity as much as jealousy. And Pilottown, LA still exists, as far as I know. The term skipper is still used, but it’s used more by dispatchers referring to captains, than captains referring to themselves!

  3. More coffee please, LOL

    If you like BBQ’d shrimps, you should try BBQ’d oysters!

    Ok, I am leaving now….. I promise.

  4. The BBQ’d shrimp look terrific, and my appetite’s whetted now – spent a whole afternoon down in San Leon with fresh-shucked oysters, cold boiled shrimp and coconut shrimp. Oh – and a little Landshark, too. Now I’ll have to give these a try.

    Speaking of pilots, if you want to see some of the best photos ever from one of the nicest Houston ship pilots ever, check out OneEighteen’s photostream on Flickr. If you ever need such a photo for one of your articles, he’s willing to share his work, gratis. As I said, very nice man. 😉

  5. All the talk of seafood is making me so jealous and hungry! You would think I’d learn by now to eat before I read your blog!

  6. It got to me so bad that I had to pick up some shrimp yesterday! And they were from LA per the package label. I have been craving some of BWs Redneck Gumbo! I love that stuff!

  7. Hubby pulled his back out so, he wanted stuffed shrimp and I pampered him. I had found a package at Sams club and pulled them from the freezer and fixed those for him. They were pretty decent, a bit spicy and I managed to overcook them a bit but, all in all, not too bad. I guess I’ll get the gumbo this coming Sunday.

  8. I have a recipe for BBQ shrimp that is very similar to this, and it also recommends you leave the peeling on. When we eat them, we suck the juices out before peeling them…..kinda like “sucking the head” on crawfish! So yummy!!

  9. Delivering a message for BW! Her computer has crashed, so she will only be online sporadically until she finds another tether to the cyber world. Patience!

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