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  1. Ok. you’re in a book. I’ll look it up books is what I do when not fishing. I might write one when I get down there in a year or so.

    Wow some ads just popped up. Neat you’ll be rich.

  2. I never saw those ads before I must read and get gone before they come up. I was reading the end and Pow, there they was. Not here now either. ATC on NPR is pretty credible stuff….

  3. BW, your name was already in a book. It’s titled Before The Saltwater Came. I distinctly remember your name being printed as the AUTHOR of the 3 copies I purchased!
    BTW, we’re in Grand Isle right now. The beaches look great. We noticed signs as we drove into the campground you’d be interested in. Marsh grass was being planted today! I would have helped had we gotten here earlier.

    • I was there the other day but I did not make it down to the State Park. Had a couple photos in the Art Exhibit and I didnt’ blog about it . . . . anyway, I heard you still can’t go on the beach at the state park. Let me know. There are plantings going on quite often now . . . . the baby steps of which I worked on during the six weeks I worked for Bayou Grace. We were forming partnerships with BTNEP volunteer planting projects. It’s good to see it come to fruition . . . I just don’t get to help out like I want to.

      I appreciate you reminding me of that, but this is different!

      • Yep, the only beach on Grand Isle still closed is the State Park! I received an email from the state saying they “are hoping to have it open for the Summer season”. Apparently the Dept. of Health and Hosp. and the D.E.Q. have to sign off on it before they will open it. Hubby is talking about cancelling next month’s reservations. He is P.O.’d BIG TIME the way they are dragging their feet!

  4. the book sounds awesome and will end up right next to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’ one about the Everglades.(As you know-my first wetland love) I must also get theTidwell book!
    Speaking of books… what ever happened to the one about the crab and the shrimp and are there more chapters coming???
    Also speaking of books- Last trip to Avery Island I mentioned to the gift shop manager (actually MORE than mentioned) your children’s educational book “Before the saltwater came” told her where to look you up and who you were and your championing of wetlands conservation and restoration. She took notes! Avery Island is a special place! The McIlhenny family have made a nature preserve there where the first rock salt mine in the area was and also grow the lovely peppers and make that wonderful tabasco sauce there. Mr MckIlhenny is the one who made the great manmade rookery in so many of my photos.!!! I wish BP wasnt such a CORPORATION. (‘scuses the swear word there) then maybe theyd take care of the business of cleaning up thr rest of theit mess instead of so much taking care of their bottom line.

    • MM, even though I’ve read quite a bit about the Mc.I. family, one member in particular, I have never made the effort to go to any of their places, and I’m not sure why. Once, I planned a huge La. studies family trip in that direction. We went to the Olivier House, St. Martinville, saw the Evangeline statue, went to the Indian reservation at Marksville, went to New Iberia, Konriko rice factory, and I can’t even remember where else. We just didn’t go down to Avery Island or the Tabasco place or the gardens. Maybe it’s because I am going to go there with YOU!

      I have not done anything with the printing of the series about the crab, oyster, red fish, and shrimp. You have a good memory. I think I posted all four on the blog already. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Blu has the compleat works of Rowan on order from Amazon, well almost. Bees, chocolate, and oysters what not to like???

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