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  1. WOW…what a fantastic effort by all to pitch in & “get their hands dirty” – two 32 yard bins is a LOT of trash!

    In similar efforts, I’ve been shocked and saddened that a large percentage o’ the trash around wetlands was left by fishermen – the ones ye’d think had the greatest interest in keeping the waterways clean! In one area there were 4 oil-drum-as-trash-bins around the parking lot and a Saturn’s rings load o’ trash AROUND the lot and the bins (not in them, they were near empty).

    It’s great to see the community effort on all sides working to fix this problem – as ye say, the young ones learn from their folks!

    • I know, Capt. It has never made sense to me and I have not been able to get any good answers from the people who have lived here for so long and have watched this happen over the years, for several generations. We are trying to change those mindsets, though, one boatload at a time! BW

  2. A very big “Thank You”BW for everything you do to make this a better world.My hat is off to everyone that got out there and cleaned up other peoples mess.I look at it this way,if they’re that lazy about putting trash in a bin,then I sure wouldn’t want to see inside their houses.God bless you and your family.

    • Well, C.E., we have such a good time that it doesn’t seem like hard work at all! I must admit, though, that I end up organizing things at the offloading dock, and taking the photos, and keeping things running as smoothly as I can. One day, someone else will organize and I can get muddy!! I plan to launch my boat a day before next year, clean up the areas near my home, and then start early the morning of the cleanup, and go by boat and be the first one tied up and waiting to have my boat offloaded when everyone gets there at 7 a.m.!!! That should start things off with a bang!

  3. WOW! I will never understand throwing trash out like
    that.Maybe if the Anti littering laws were enforced better on land , then it might filter down to the water ppl. Parents are mostly at fault here for not teaching the kids bett. I learned young. It only took Once. My stepdad caught me throwing a candybar wrapper out-stopped the car made me walk back and get it and then when we got to the fishing spot made me pick up all the trash in the parking lot and fishing access spot. I for sure never did THAT again.
    Glad to see the trash bash thing is spreading!!!

  4. Thanks for the post. I agree. Kids do what they see their parents, grandparents and peers do so it does start with us. I love the idea of a community cleanup. maybe I can get something going here on Lake Erie

    • That would be wonderful! Lake Erie? Is that anywhere near Buffalo? LOL! I was in Buffalo in February–spoke at a Bayou Cross Cultural Conference at Genesee Community College in Batavia. Snowed all day long, and it was beautiful. Planning on going back later this summer. Thanks for stopping by! We fish here, too!

  5. Trash is everywhere. Open barrels and some dumpsters get emptied by raccoons etc too. This causes litter to be recycled back to litter. Great to see the turnout.

  6. I salute all who helped make the bayous a cleaner place. I think the after photos are great and really show folks what a fantastic, beautiful place you have and can have with only a little effort.

    I can’t stand litter bugs! And our yard is a constant battle ground of litter since it is on a corner. We have to clean it daily almost.

    I don’t think people realize that not only is litter unsightly but, also it is nasty, can carry diseases and is dangerous. A few years ago, a lady I knew was ejected from a vehicle in an accident and slid across a broken beer bottle that had been tossed in the ditch. She was in critical condition for days and was lucky to live but, has a scar about 3 ft. long.

  7. Very few days go by where I don’t pick up someones trash floating or fishing line wrapped around the wheel,I think plastic bottles and bags should be outlawed in every state and go back to glass containers with a deposit on them.

    • Ronnie, I failed to put it in the story, but Bayou Fabio said something to me that warrants a question. How can we get crabbers to stop throwing their wax-coated cardboard bait boxes and plastic liners into the water? It must be a space issue on the boat, and they are just too lazy to throw them out when they get back home. It’s not just local people, because we have crabbers who come here from miles away to fish.

      • BW,this goes back to parents teaching their young’uns better,we have that problem here too and it PMO,I quit buying crabs just a month ago after coming up the river behind him and finding his bait boxes and liners floating less than a mile from the ramp,we have a new group of “young guns” who are LEO’s for the FWC and I am going to approch them about watching some of these crabbers leave in the morning,counting bait boxes and being at the ramp when they come in to ask what they did with them,plastic in the water,even a drink bottle can be prosecuted under Federal law with a large fine in the thousands.It’s not a space issue just sorryness.

  8. Wow on all that trash collected. You missed Day 1 of the Bayou Lafourche paddle and all the trash we had to paddle through. It was unreal. There was a mile long section of the bayou that we paddle that was literally covered in trash.I had never seen so much trash in my life.

  9. Wonder where the coconut came from? It’s such a great idea to get out and make a fun day of such a dismal task. My kids love walking the lake shore here and picking up trash and finding “treasures”. Maybe their generation will be the one to clue in on how valuable our resources are and that our ancestors gave us these lands to protect and nurture. Our tribe has really gotten into environmental protection (as have a lot of others) and it’s really made an impact in our area.

  10. It’s really sorry that a community has to have a “Trash Bash” to clean up other peoples litter. It chaps my arse! I’ve seen people at marinas, ball parks, etc. toss trash at a can and miss, then won’t take 2 steps and bend over and pick it up!

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