A Guest Post by Lyle Johnson

Remember Lyle Johnson from this post?  The following is his most recent fishing report, and I’d like to share it with you!  BW

I got an opportunity to make a trip down the bayou with my son Wesley. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day on the water or just about anywhere than with my son. We put in at Falgout Canal Landing amongst the other hundred or so boats and headed to the spot where I caught a few bass with Bayou Woman last time I was down.

We started off right where we left off last time, catching 5 or 6 bass pretty quickly. We met up with a few friends from Ascension Parish and talked for a while but we got back to business of fish catching. They were still hitting on those plastic, crawfish imitation baits and the key location was Cypress knees. It’s amazing when you figure out a pattern like that. They hit only on the knees, not the trees or any other kind of tree limbs, just the knees.

One of the cool things about fishing in south Louisiana is that you never know what you’ll catch next. We were getting ready to head to Jug Lake to try for some specs when we decided to try our first spot again. Not only did Wesley catch our biggest bass of the day but we caught two very big catfish and Wesley caught an eight pound redfish. They too fell victim to the plastic crawfish.

Dularge Red and Cat

We didn’t catch any specs but this was one of the best days in the outdoors I’ve had in a while. Very comfortable weather, a little breeze, no gnats and a very wide assortment of fish in our ice chest. We ended the day with eleven bass, two really big catfish, an eight pound redfish and a goggle-eye. Our friends came to the landing at the same time as us to pick up their boat and gave us the only spec they caught.

I write this story while that freshly fried catfish is being digested courtesy of the best fried fish cook I know, my wife Deborah. I can’t wait until the next time I get to go to DuLarge!!

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  1. I couldn’t remember the exact date for his article so I went to the site right before I came here. I did not find the article. I guess I didn’t look close enough. Sounds like you might have a return visitor.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having a Catfish like that to make a Courtbullion. I may just have to go to the seafood market and buy some Amite River fillets this next week. I don’t think I’ll have the time to go catch some at either of my sons home ponds. BW, Do you make Courtbullion?

  3. Katy – he wrote an article for the Gonzales Citizen a week or so ago. I’m waiting on their editor to send me the link so I can post it. He did a TV show that is airing daily right now on Channel 4 Eatel TV, which most folks don’t have. This time he brought his own boat and fished on his own!

    Steffi – Thanks for the copy of the printed article. I did receive it in the mail. My husband never cared for Courtbouillon, but I have made it with redfish. Do you make a roux and use some sort of fish or seafood stock? Some bayou folks just use tomato sauce, but that’s too “red” for me.

    Yea, Blu, and what about a pic of the BIG BASS?

    Okay, Lyle, we need more photos!!!

  4. I make a “Faux Courtbullion”. Quick ,easy and tasty. Not too “tomato-ey”, no Roux or stock used. This recipe uses Mushroom soup instead of the Roux. If you’re interested, I’ll send you a copy. I’ve also made it using Redfish, Blk. Drum or Sac-a-Lait, but Catfish is my favorite species to use. It’s also easier to come by if there is a shortage of the other species in the freezer.

  5. I just like my catfish fried! I make a fishgravy out of the remaining oil in the skillet, cornmeal, chopped onion, after that has swollen & browned, I pour a can of tomato sauce and a !/2 can tomato paste….no salt or pepper needed. Some like it over sliced white bread, I pour it right over my fish…..Im a happy camper no matter what my arteries are screaming!

  6. My son is not a “poser”, I tried to get him to take a picture of the bass but it was a no go. Sorry! The recipe from “sweetlilmagnolia” sounds very interesting, I might give it a try. My dad always loved to have mom fry the fish and pour the courte bullion over the top. Brought back some memories!!

  7. I just watched Ascension Outdoors featuring Capt. Wendy (AKA Bayou Woman) and Seth (AKA Termite). It was a good show, even though they showed the net breaking and BW’s fear, her “Bootie” as she landed a Red laying on her belly. LOL! They only zoomed in about 30 seconds. Just kidding, it wasn’t that big, uh I mean that long. They got a good shot of Termite’s dimples too!
    All joking aside, it was an informative show with BW talking about wetland issues. Hope you get your copy of the show soon from Lyle or “Goosie”, because my DVD recorder isn’t working properly.

  8. Steffi…….OH!!!! What I would give to see that. What a hoot! Aw, doesn’t Termite have the best dimples? You’re a riot, btw.

  9. Thanks Katy Bug, I started to say they had to switch to a “wide angle lens”, but figured BW would do some serious editing. Of course, I’m not out of the woods yet. Enjoy it while you can! It’s obvious BW hasn’t logged on tonight! She may ban me from posting again.

  10. Katy Bug. We do sell DVD’s for $12.95 if you’d like me to mail you one. I just finished watching the show on DVD and it was great! Captian Wendy did a great job and we caught some really nice fish. Thanks Steffi for the compliment on the show but I never really noticed the shot you speak of. Ha Ha!

  11. Good morning, ladies! “Wide angle lens” huh Steffi? That’s funny!

    I see that Steffi was in rare form last night having a little fun at my expanse, I mean expense!!! LOL! Hey, if I don’t laugh with you, I might cry!!!

    Sorry I have nothing to post. The sewage treatment guys didn’t show up, but the carpenters are working! Hopefully a post on that later today.

  12. Sorry about the lack of pics blufloyd. I always say less pictures equals more time to catch fish!! Although we should have took some at home later that evening. maybe next time?