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  1. Sounds like your family has done as mine have. They are so busy with their lives. 1 is finishing kindegarten by computer & work packages and having a drive by graduation parade on the 11th. 1 is finishing 2nd grade by computer and packages picked up weekly and my grand daughter is finishing her 2nd semester of college by computer.

    I am ready to get in my car and drive till the tank is empty of gas. Doesn’t that sound awful? But, hubby is slowly going downhill and I am trying to muddle thru. The granddaughter in college finally got her first “non handed down from mom” vehicle. She is studying criminal justice and plans to be a police officer working to become a detective. So, she didn’t want a regular car and her dad got her a used Ford F150 4×4. She is thrilled. She baby sits her sister while working on line to finish her courses. She is also the cook during the week for the family. She’s like me, it relaxes her. And she if pretty darned good. She & her sister come up about every 10-14 days and sits ourside to visit for a couple of hours. She keeps sanitizer and masks in her truck. And her brother and his girlfriend went to Vegas the first week of March and he proposed to her. So, wedding next year in June. They were supposed to see a Billy Idol concert but, it was canceled. They got out of there and back home 2 days before everything closed down.

    My daughter lost her job of about 15 years and her youngest son who lives at home still, lost his also. He was one of 8 laid off. Bad luck because he had bought a car on Monday, laid off on Wednesday. He was a roofer but, so many things shut down they weren’t working.

    I figured we were part of the lucky ones. We’ve had 2 years to adjust to living on a very limited income since retirement. House and cars paid for. Freezer pretty well stocked. Wish everyone was as blessed.

    • Thank you for the news from TX, Cammy. Isn’t it weird to sit six feet away from kids and grandkids? Just so very strange! But at least you are seeing some of them from time to time. So many people are out of work and my heart really goes out to them. Camp rentals are almost non existent so that part of my business will be coming to a close this year, I’m pretty sure. Glad y’all are hanging in there, too and stay well, friend!

  2. So welcome to see your post this morning. Those grands are wonderful, aren’t they? Hubs and I have cleaned and done yardwork. Have had visits with the kids with distance between us. No hugs except the granddaughter she just has to do a quick one, just to connect. We go buy drive-thru bagels or Panera sandwiches and sit in the parking lot on our tailgates and chat and laugh and just enjoy each other.

    We are lucky we can still golf and that’s been a great outing.

    Bowling center called yesterday, looks like sometime in June we might be able to go back for some fun.

    Facebook has been great for checking on folks, although I admit that I have done a lot of texting and phone calling, especially for some of the older ladies in our Redhatters group. Sad to say we lost our oldest member during this. Lesta would have been 101 in June. SUch a lovely lady. It wasn’t from the virus, her body just gave out. She will be missed.

    THere’s so much going on outside. It’s still cool here, but I have some bean sprouts coming up and I have thing sprouting in the window until I can put them outside.

    We’ve been lucky that we can get lots of fresh fruits and veggies here (Helps to be on top of California.) We’ve enjoyed that tremendously.

    Haven’t had to work as hard which makes my retired hubs really happy.

    Love your posts always and love you.

    Stay safe and keep on posting. You are a ray of sunshine to us.

    • Hi Jeri and great hearing from you over there in sunny Cali. Sounds like a wonderful place you have there. Golf has never been my thing, so I admire your ability and willingness to get outdoors and enjoy that! Yes, lots of texts and phone calls here, too. So sorry to hear about your Redhatter friend. She had a full, wonderful life, no doubt. I know you’ll miss her when your meetings start back up again. I know hubby is happy to have you sheltering in place with him (even if it is involuntary!!!). Thanks for the udpate!

  3. Your granddaughters are just precious! I’m glad you were able to see them.
    I’ve seen three of my grands at a distance. It was tough not being able to give them a hug. Being in the high risk group, they are all staying away. I’ve given them fair warning though. I have a huge piece of mistletoe sitting on the kitchen table right now that I plan on using out of season ASAP. Videos are nice but they don’t have the warmth of a good hug!
    BTW, I plan on making last weeks taco pasta recipe for Cinco de Mayo.

    • Oh I love that you’re making this for Cinco!!! I hope y’all like it! Yes, I feel you on the grandbaby hugs thing. Vivie, the three year old, wants to jump up on me and hug me but I don’t oblige her just yet, as she is expecting a baby sister within the next three weeks and I don’t want to mess up any of that!!! Ky, the other one is too young to understand, so she sat on my lap but no snuggling, kissing, or touching faces!!!!! Yes, Facetime is nice, but it’s just not the same. I’m glad you and Gary are well and hope you stay that way for the duration!

  4. Today, was the first time I rode in the car with Hubby to buy lunch instead of him bringing me to the ER. I was in hospital 3 times since March because I was positive for COVID19, then developed pneumonia and gastroenteritis. I am also a high-risk patient. It’s been over 5 weeks and my body still hAS NOT KICKED this virus. I’m tired of it. I pray every one practice social distancing because NO ONE wants to get this virus.

    Your grandkids are so adorable. What a beautiful area!

    • Oh, Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill with this rotten virus. You’re the first person I’ve talked to that has been ill AND tested positive. I hope that you are finally on the last stretch of your road to recovery, though. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about this experience? Also, thank you for encouraging us in these strange times and for not criticizing me for having a little outing with my kids that live away from me. Health to you, Lisa, and hang in there.

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