I bet you've never seen a Barbie & Ken like this!


For the past week or so, no one dares venture up to the north end of town to the mall, because that is where the chaos, better known as Mardi Gras, begins. The folks who ride on floats are collectively called “krewes”, and those krewes start the day of the parade riding around in open-air buses dancing and drinking until time to get on their floats. From the float they throw colorful beads and toys to the parade goers. This goes until they either 1)fall off during the parade (sorry to say this has happened!) Or 2)get off the float at end of parade route.

All these parades lead up to the one huge day of parades called Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, which comes before the very religious (read: hungover) day of Ash Wednesday. If you are Catholic, you may already know some of this history of Carnival. My favorite Cuz might not appreciate some of my negative tones, but she loves me anyway.

Traditionally, Mardi Gras is the final season to indulge oneself before the time of Lent, where one gives up something that they really love until Easter Sunday arrives. I’m sure you could find more detailed information about the origin and history of this big party season.

So, it didn’t surprise me when I walked into a Lafayette cultural center to see these lovely dolls, riding a little float, for sale in the gift shop. Aren’t they just gaudy lovely?!! If collecting Holiday Barbie is your thing, then you would LOVE to get your collective hands on these hand-dressed babies!!! Maybe I should have bought a pair and auctioned them off on E-Bay. Darn, maybe next year I’ll be enterprising.

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  1. Man! Wish they had been selling a set of those in one of the gas stations we stopped at on the way back from N.O. I could have taken a little piece of Fat Tuesday home with me.

    Oh, wait. We have that up here now. How could I have missed it?

    Ha! How could you have missed that!!! If I had known you were so into “Holiday Barbie” I would have bought you one, LilSis!

  2. You’re right…I’ve never seen a Barbie and Ken like these!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Thanks for the suggestions you left regarding “editing the links” on my blogs BUT I have no idea what you are talking about or how to do it. If you could leave me some instructions I will try my best to follow through with them. I am learning as I go with this blogging since none of my friends do this.


    See? I knew you were a rare one! We should be proud of our technological accomplishments! We are technologically challenged, are we not?!!! I’ll send you an email.

  3. There was a time when I would have snatched them up for some madis gras feelings. There was a touch of carnival up in Alaska as they do love them some reason to party……lol. My first year there we did sneak in a box of beads in our belongings…after having a make shift parade around the sofa, I took some to work and those ppl went nuts!! Thanks for sharing…those are too much!
    Deb in TX

    I’ve been a little under the weather, Deb, but the book will go out next week, ok?

  4. In my younger years I was one of the rowdy krewe members riding on floats and in truck parades. Nothing you said was incorrect so you’re still my favorite Cuz. I have to admit, I did not fall off any of them, to my great luck. Those memories (that I can remember!) were some of the best fun times of my life.

    That said, I’d not do it again at this point in my life. I’m lucky I can walk straight much less ride and throw beads at the same time!

    I might have to make a Barbie and Ken tableau for next Mardi Gras. Those are great!!

    This comment almost sneaked by me! You are so truthful, Cuz! Thanks for sharing your krewe experiences! So you like those Barbie dolls, huh?

  5. No problem hon, I too have been down with the flu then covering extra shifts due to others out sick…dont know if Im coming or going at this moment. Drink lots of fluids, get some rest, take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Diane. I think it was at the gift shop in “Vermilionville Historic Village” which you can google and call them. Good luck!

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