Way Past Due!

I know I’m way past due for a blog post, but now you can add baseball games to my already jam-packed waking hours.  As of now, I get about six hours of shut eye a night.  I just can’t pack any more into 18 hours than I do.

So, as soon as I can, I have a new post for you.  Maybe I’ll at least get it started at bed time tonight.  Meanwhile, enjoy the iris!

Meeting myself coming and going,


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  1. I love the Louisiana Iris. They are so beautiful and actually in my opinion, look more like an orchid.

    I have been in your place many times with the comings and goings. Just don’t forget to leave the door unlocked so your behind can get in when it makes it home. I hate having to get up and let it in after I fall asleep!!. LOL!!

  2. I feel for you! It’s baseball season for the junior high, high school and now he’s coaching our daughters softball city league team. Next week I have to go to Vegas for training and then to Dallas a week or two after that. If I pass you somewhere I’ll wave, lol.

  3. Yep… been there, done that!
    The color of that Iris is wonderful. I don’t see too many that color. Usually it’s the purple I see in landscapes around here. Course, they may be going for an L.S.U. theme.

  4. We’ll wait for you BW—-you just catch some extra ZZZZZs and post a pic or two; I’d love to see a big ol’ tree with lots of moss hanging down!

    1. BIRDS! I need to know if the Trout have made their appearance yet on the beaches? I heard reports of Reds having been plentiful for a while now.