Susan Harling Memorial Park — 10 Comments

  1. Through more tears I read your story and Susan’s. How lovely a person she was. So happy you got to meet your Truvy and get a ‘do.

    I’m glad you had a great trip, Cuz. Once again, thank you for sharing this beautiful town and story with us.

    You were on T.V.?!

    • Finding that park and just being there was very moving . . in the early quiet morning on Saturday . . nobody out and about except the BandB lady. Do you catch Paradise Louisiana with Gary and Don Dubuc? I’ll have to ask Gary if and when he’s going to use that footage. If it’s going to air, I’ll let you know. I don’t get their show down here, but they put everything on their YouTube channel. Hugs, Cuz!

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad u enjoyed your trip too! What a beautiful tribute Robert gave to his mother. Shows the love he has for her. I wonder if Robert inherited diabetes? Very interesting…thanks for sharing!!!

    • Susan had Type 1 diabetes. You can’t inherit that disease and it’s no contagious. My son is a T1 diabetic. It’s autoimmune disease that kills the insulin making parts that help break carbohydrates. Therefore, your body doesn’t make insulin and you have to take insulin through shots or a pump every time you eat. Plus, long lasting at night. It’s an incurable, unpredictable horrible disease. When one child is diagnosed with T1 the entire family has to go to educational classes to learn how care for them and they for themselves.

  3. Great follow up from your last post. I’m sure your emotions were in high gear all weekend.
    A bit of irony that Susan should be in Shreveport and you just across the river all those years ago.
    You look forward to seeing more of this story another day.

    • Well, by the time she got to Shreveport, I was already gone! After I left for Tech, I never lived back on the Red River again! Remember, I’ve been down here since 1978, and was in Farmerville for three years after college graduation. Yes, my emotions were sort of all over the place . . . but it was a good trip!

  4. I had the pleasure and honor of not only touring all the filming sites but spending an afternoon with Margaret and Robert Harling talking about Susan. She is an inspiration to me as a mother. The park was dedicated to her after I was there but it is my motivation to come back to see it. So many people don’t know the film is based on a true story. I wish they did so that more people could honor and learn about this amazing woman. Thanks for the article, I truly enjoyed it!

  5. I didn’t know it, until I met Dr. Robinson, down here in Lake Charles. He is one of the most genuine and drawing people that i think i have ever met, and i could have talked to him forever! Sad that he also wanted to be a NICU doctor, but never went on to specialize, because he had the love of his life that took up his time, and she was so much more important! He TRULY loved that woman! One thing is for sure, Mrs. Susan Robinson did not go through life without being loved!!!! By everyone that knew her!

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