Maiden Fishing Charter of BAB, the Carolina Skiff! — 36 Comments

  1. Awesome,it’s always great to watch the little ones catch a nice fish,makes me want to break out my rods as this is a great time to trout fish here too.

    We had 3 inches of rain here at daylight along with thunder and lightening.

  2. Really enjoy your stories and thank you for keeping us updated on the happenings on the bayou.I fish quite a bit in Galveston and almost every time I have my neighbors’ kids with me on the boat.They range in age from 8 to 18,their Dad started fishing with me over 50 yrs ago,I still get a kick out of watching the little ones catch that first fish of the day.I am so glad the maiden charter went well for you and your guest. Good fishing ,new friends,make for a joyful heart.

  3. Blu has an LJ too. Guy about 30 years old 6’6″ 325lb.
    I been teaching him sacaulait and flyfishing.
    If he gets to Loozy everybody going to need a bigger boat.

    Nice trip.

  4. Wow on the fish LJ caught! I’ll bet he was excited. The name LJ brings back memories for me also. One of my students quite a few years back was named LJ. Sounds like you had a great first charter.

  5. What a wonderful day, BW! I swear to goodness I’m going to have to give in and let you turn me into a fisherwoman! It’s just not right to be able to count the fish you’ve caught in your life on … one… hand… Well, maybe two.

    You may not have gotten an many pics as you’d like, but your words sure made up for their absence!

    • Yep, I can just see you out there with me on the back seat of the boat, our lines drifting out to the Gulf with the falling tide, a big drum swallowing your hook and nearly pulling you overboard. I’ll put my finger in your belt loop like I did with L.J. to keep the big fish from pulling you in!!! It will be fun! When you coming!

  6. This is one trip no one on your boat will ever forget. A Capt. in her new boat, a proud daddy and a little boy with a wonderful memory. I should say, “That’s one beaut of a fish”…but Black Drums are ugly! They do put a good fight though and the smaller ones taste good too.

    • I have to agree with you, Steffi. Though it would have been nice to fill the chest with keeper trout, they didn’t care about that. They were just there for the sheer enjoyment. They came from Houston, French Settlement, and LaPlace to relax and unwind.

    • Oh, Cammy, it was a hoot! He was shouting and talking the whole time. We had to make him take little breaks from reeling so he could run the whole race with that fish. He did an amazing job for a little boy. Reminded me of Termite at that age . . . .

  7. I don’t know about Theriot, its its was a beautiful day here yesterday, and today seems to be the same.

    Catch and release…… Phfft! Use brim hooks and if they are big enough to bite it, the are big enough to eat.

  8. Wow! Look at that fish! I’m sure that’s a memory he will have for many many years. It’s absolutely beautiful weather here in Oklahoma. Too bad it’s football season and fishing is behind us. 🙁

      • They aren’t turning yet. It’s still warm here. We’ve had one or two cool days but in the high 80’s for the most part. It’s been an Indian Summer for sure.

  9. Foghorn here. My last two charter trips have included the same kind of experience. A young man reeling in monster fish. I didn’t take one ounce of fish home with me either trip but went home totally satisfied helping these two young men enjoy themselves.
    It is amazing how accurately Captain Wendy recalled our entire experience.
    I promise to bring my three children down soon for our own family experience.
    I can find fish anywhere but you gave us much more than that.

  10. Darn, I wish we were closer! I would love to go out on BAB with you. Unfortunately, I can’t ride the far without a lot of pain. But, it sure would be fun.

    The last good fish I caught was a big mouth bass that was almost as long as my arm. Broke the line just as I got it into the cattails and moss at the edge of the lake and my BIL jumped down and kicked it onto the bank!! What a memory. Sure was tasty too!

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