Windy Weekend, Part 2 — 10 Comments

  1. The only part of the Gulf I have ever seen was Galveston, I know, I know, but I never thought the waves would get high enough to sport a surfer dude……I would have to wait for warmer waterz, training rudders & a handle bar……..I have been wanting to learn to kayak for a while now, but fishing from one…light bulb! Single mom, young fisherson, big boat vs little budget….sounds like a workable & do-able plan. Will start searching for guide/teacher, if you have any one in your vast resources, could you email me?? See…your article has inspired yet another, (& I havent got to read it yet…!!! lol) And, I now want to come & check out Grande Isle too…have heard of it but never seen it…Your making my to do list longerrrrrrr BW, but thats ok too.

    • Sweetie M – you will most likely be able to read the little article online, and I will post the link at the proper time. If not, I’ll send you a copy, okay? Now, about kayak fishing. I have two fishing kayaks for when you and son come down. You can start easy right in the bayou and see how it goes. How does that sound? I don’t know of any instructors up your way, but I will certainly keep my eyes and ears open in my network, okay? Sorry about adding to your list but we ain’t gettin’ any younger, sweetheart! LOL!

  2. Beautiful photos! I know what you mean when you say “my zoom lens and I”. I couldn’t part with mine!!

  3. I have actually surfed before and I loved it! Too bad Oklahoma isn’t the greatest place to go surfing…..I learned a couple of years ago in Hawaii and fell in love with it. If I had my own board I would be tempted to get in the Jeep and head south right now!

    • Mrs. Coach, I wish you would have been there in all your surfing glory!!! Those little boys were just so cute running around in those wet suits!!! And yes, it’s all in good fun because I’m old enough to be mother to almost all of them!!!

  4. Are you sure you were in G.I. for the beach shots? The other places I recognize, not the water though! You must have blue lenses for your camera. The water almost looked blue! We can’t wait for G.I. State Park to reopen so we can do 2 of our most enjoyable ( and OVERDUE) pastimes. Camping and surf fishing! You’ve really made me want it even more just looking at pictures of the surf. I’m glad I wasn’t able to hear the crashing of the surf. It would have sent me into a deep depression! You didn’t happen to make it to the end of the Island, did you? They might have let a “Reporter” in the Park to see the the re -building progress. Thanks BW, I really did enjoy all the photos and the story as well.

    • Steffi, I really was there. The way the sun was positioned, it sometimes cast a purple glare on the waves, which I could not remove no matter what I tried. I think the blue sky makes the water look that way, because I did not have a lens filter nor did I add blue in editing. Sometimes, color just isn’t true. And those waves were enormous for G.I. and the sounds of surf were magnificent!!! Sorry to depress you, dear! I didn’t make it into the state park. If I would have had time, I would have flashed my “PRESS” badge (yes I do have one) and maybe they would have let me have a sneak peak. Camping and surf fishing. Sounds grand!!! (get it? GRAND?!!!)

  5. Well it’s better to have a long to-do list than a complete blank dance card….lol. I will certainly take you up on that!!! but will still continue my search around here, with Lake O the Pines, Caddo Lake, Cross Lake, Lake Cherokee, yadda yadda, surely someone is out there kayak fishing, and SURELY one of those would be willing to give a lesson or two or at least be willing to fish out a couple of drenched diehards. lol

  6. I’m sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. So you finally caught a fall out? We tried to catch one (probably the same storm system) on the Dry Tortugas the other day. We ended up having to leave the island because we would have been stuck there for days if we didn’t return. We did see quite a few birds (many warblers) that added at least a half dozen to my lifelist. I miss the Grand Isle bird migration but this was almost as good.

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