Winter-time Reading Scavenger Hunt — 9 Comments

  1. 1) What is a pogeaux pop? Looking for two-word answer. fishing lure, bayoubuck lure

    2) In Lake Decade, did we anchor or drift? drift

    3) According to BW, what brings in cold germs? the cold wind from the north

    4) What was the “ugliest frog” BW had to eat? finishing up loose ends on the blog

    5) What network did BW find a film location for? Discovery Channel

    6) What appliance created a bad smell? freezer

    7) What do we eat for Thanksgiving? white beans and fried oysters

    8 ) Who is Silvy? your old truck

    9) Did the two guys from Chicago get skunked fishing with BW? yes they did

    10) What was the winning prize for BW’s first Name the Flower Contest? ME! (Kim)

    11) How many shrimp dishes did BW mention in the post about “Bayou Life”? It’s tricky . . . . .

    12) What was the prize for the “Name This Photo Contest? Rach

  2. Well, looks like everybody is having a busy weekend living real life. If nobody else wants to play, Kim will win by default! Which is fine with me! I wonder if I changed the prize, would more folks play?

  3. I’m reading today on my Blackberry, the contest would take me forever,lol. I have to start bringing home my laptop on the weekends. Hope your having a great day.

  4. Been sick…my brain still isn’t working right. I’ll check back in when I’m up to par. AND no, I didn’t drink the water while in Mexico.

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