Punching out the punch list on Camp Dularge!

BB and I put a hurtin’ on the old punch list this week.  She just inspires me to somehow have more energy.  Believe me, going up and down those stairs is a workout!

I don’t have any photos of us hard at work, but I do have pix of the fruit of our labor!

Flower Bed

This was an awkward corner near the back right of the slab and behind the sewage treatment plant–not a place where I want a lawn mower passing through.  Solution?  Flower bed.

Bird of ParadiseThe center feature is a white Bird of Paradise, which I’m looking forward to seeing flower.

AzaleaAnother feature is this gorgeous Azalea.  I don’t think BB knew the other Azalea died a slow death, having been removed from its spot of many years.  I haven’t told her yet.  Maybe she’ll read it here.  This one is a dwarf, I believe, but I don’t mind.  It’s a great replacement.  And just so you’ll know we weren’t having too much fun–it was very hard work breaking up the clay and conditioning this soil to turn it into a flower bed.

Fish Cleaning Table

We built this fish-cleaning table, with a gut bucket hanging on the end.

Rod holder On the other end of the table is this handmade rod rack.  Just place your fishing rod in the slot so it will stand up while being hosed off.

Rod rackThis rod rack is upstairs on the back deck in case you want to keep your rods near the back door overnight.  My friend Shawee made these from old sinker cypress.

Dining chairsToday I recovered the dining room chair seats in gator hide (faux, okay).  BB wanted to learn to do this but she had to leave before we got to it.

diningroom-002This dinette set is very well traveled.  It’s seen a lot of wear and tear, too, between whatever families owned it before I bought it in a second-hand shop back in 1981 and refinished it.  Afer hurricane Juan flooded my home in 1985, LilSis took it to her home because I could not stand for it to get ruined.  And then a couple years ago, I got it back.  It’s been in storage just waiting for the right home to fit into.  Voila!  I think it looks right at home here.  So now, the dining room is finally really finished.

Living RoomThe living room in the evening light is as inviting as ever.

I just want to say thanks to everone who helped with the cypress house–during renovations before the flood, during cleanup from the flood (when I was a zombie), and renovating again after the flood!  You know who you are and here’s a big bayou thanks from the bottom of my bayou heart!



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Punching out the punch list on Camp Dularge! — 12 Comments

  1. Everyone who contributed in helping with Camp Dularge’s renovations deserves a BIG pat on the back! Wed., Hubby and I dropped in on BW and BB while they were hard at work putting on the finishing touches. BW, the photos are good, but they don’t do the place justice. Hubby was impressed with all that’s been done. I wish y’all could SMELL the “Pecky Cypress”. I love the smell of wood! I guess that’s one of the reasons I like to carve.

  2. Wow, Im ready to move in!!! Oh…guess I will settle for a weekend stay, will have to check my schedule and try to set a date before you are all booked up. BW, It really looks fantastic, I am so amazed at the work you and all your helpers have put into that place (and it really shows!!!). My hat off to you, hon. And to date, I can honestly report,
    IM KIDDING…IM K I D D I N G YALL. Have to tease BW a little here and there to keep her on her toes!!

  3. It’s beeeeyooootiful! I am so proud of you, BW! There are not many people (man or woman) who could do what you have done with such equanimity even after all the setbacks.

    The bayou people are a tough bunch and you are right there with them – I don’t think they can call you a yankee anymore. LOL!

    Daddy would be so proud, and don’t you know how he would have enjoyed being right there with you helping. I’m looking forward to being there in a few weeks, but it’ll be weird if you don’t have any work for me to do!

    Luv ya! LilSis.

  4. Been reading this blog for too long. 2 for 1 sale at Lazy boy coming home next week. And stuffed a big old storm door in the Vue for ride home today.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! This is just too great!!! The flowers are so lovely, and the touches are perfect. You’ve created a place people are going to flock to!

    Well, well, done, Wendy!!!

    Love to you!

    P.S. What’s your next project to tackle? Knowing you, there is a next project in the works! 🙂

    • Well, first I have to take care of some legal business. Then I will start preparing my land for our personal home. I hope to get that job done with as much fervor but more finesse and with less error than I did the cypress house!! I learned many valuable lessons that will help me in contracting our home. I will also be putting out a call to volunteers along the way, so if you know of anyone who has been just itching to come down here and help with “recovery”, well this is a double whammy from Rita and Ike for us. We started planning and getting estimates in 2004, then Rita set us way back in 2005, and the rest is current events. We can use help from the ground up! (And I have a couple book ideas brewing around in the old noggin’ too!) Love back atcha, Vance!

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