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    • Every tour is unique and interesting to me, and I hope to never grow weary of talking about our plight here, but a departure from the norm is good once in a while, right?

  1. I just want to know if you were able to “rustle up” a few gators for them to see? You certainly sound as though you had a great worry free time.

    • Oh, yes, the alligators did not disappoint. They were most surprised by the color of them. The ones we saw were young, so they were still more brown and the cream-colored patches on their tails. Everyone thinks alligators are green for some reason . . . . cartoons I guess?

  2. And God shall answer and supply. One wonderful, stress relieving, enjoyable day.
    Glad you and your tour party enjoyed it.

  3. Isn’t it funny how what starts off as another ho-hum normal day can turn into something special?

    I’m sure your Netherland guests will talk about their trip for years to come.

  4. It sure did sound like an enjoyable day. You are famous in my eyes also Wendy! I only think you will much more so in the future!

  5. Yeah buddy. Sorry R_S. You are famous enough alrighty.

    Skysighiktrysts? Blu likey. Too bad the female types were so ugly pix weren’t taken. Your sure the european sunbathing model didn’t take effect?

    Work and real estate are both annoying me now.
    I see changes coming though.

    • Blu, would you please email me and explain what you mean by “Sorry R_S”? I know WHO that is, but why apologize to him on my behalf? I really, really want to know, please.

      The females were actually very attractive and they took several photos with me. Maybe they’ll email me a copy and I’ll pass it on to you.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a great story!!! I am so happy to know that your name is “out there” in the guidebooks!! Lonely Planet is a very popular guidebook with international travelers.

    • Kelly, I’ve been wanting to thank y’all for all the folks that have called me recently who were passing through there and picked up one of my new flip cards. Appreciate all the help!!!!

  7. Alright, I got to confess. We used to really mess with folks that came by here on tours. Feel like I should do penance now or something. (Hope the God of Wetland Tours doesn’t smite me or something, lol.) Gonna have to head over there and take your tour one of these days, BW. Sounds like a blast.

    • Come sooner than later because it’s getting too hot. Get a group of four and come on down early one morning! I am looking into seeing about becoming a Vessel of Opportunity to help the US Fish and Wildlife Service if my boat can meet approval and I can take the 4-hour HAZMAT training soon enough. That would mean no more tours for a while and I’ll be buying stock in SPF 70 sunscreen!!!

      • Good friend of mine who’s a shrimper (or was) is out there doing that right now. My daddy just came home from working with him. If the baby wasn’t so young, I’d go, too. Let us know if you do so we can pray for you.

  8. That looks like a fun day! I thought of you yesterday as I was walking through my grocery store and saw a big display of Community Coffee! I can’t wait to try a bag of it, need to use up the other stuff first.

      • I’m drinking my CC in a nice CC travel mug … ahhhhhhhh! At this point, it is the little things!

      • Nope, never won a bag. Drinking the F word kind in a Community Coffee mug though. Not sure it counts as the same, lol. I will be buying a bag soon.

          • After having a cup of Community, you might find yourself using that other F word in a sentence like… (after taking that first sip) WT_ have I been drinking all this time? Now, THIS is a cup of coffee!
            BTW, the only interest I have in Community Coffee, is drinking it and buying it when it’s on sale. LOL!
            I recommend the Dark Roast.

  9. Latch on to some Folger’s Black Silk if your into cold coffee.

    Yeah buddy is Robert’s fairly often used reply on the Du.
    Not apologizing on your behalf. What did you do? LOL.

    Back is in spasm attack mode today.

  10. Dear Wendy,

    What a great surprise to read about your tour with us ( The Anne Marie’s, Bastian and Rene). It’s good to hear that you also had a wonderfull time and that as a group we were able to entertain but also to include you in our fun! Are you sure your name is Wendy, and not Anne Marie!? You could be one!
    We enjoyd the Bayou very much indeed, maybe also because some arias look a bit like the Netherlands ( ofcourse without the big green friends with their huges jaws and teeth!).
    We have at least sunshine in our country, although not the humidity of Louisiana. I think you would really like our climat, the way you also liked our dutch luggage boy administrator.
    We would love to introduce you and take you on board in the dutch canals in Amsterdam, with our charming captain Bastian.
    I wish you all the best and have good memories of your company and guidance.
    Anne Marie the Second.

    • You must get Renee` to read this post and leave a comment! I took a big chance with my prudish reputation by posting his pic, tell him!!!! Thanks again for coming down. It really was fun! I would love to ride the canals in Bastian’s boat with you all. Will we all fit? LOL!

  11. Dear Wendy,

    I can tell you that this well written story of you about the trip with Bas, Rene and the two Annemarie’s is making you even more famous here in Holland.

    Best whises

    a other psychiatrist who work with them together

    • Thanks, Jurgen!!! Maybe you can make the trip next year? They are great folks to work with, too, I assume. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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