Beginner's luck? — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! She catches fish and looks beautiful at the same time! You must be the -best- fishing guide, ever!

    I’d like to be some day!!! We were up at 4 a.m. but she says something called Mac Makeup is worth every penny! I think I might have to go check it out. It does help that she’s only 26. Ahhh, to remember one’s youth!!!!

  2. I have to admit you ARE the best guide ever! I would def. pay for that charter. You are a great teacher!

    The glorious 4 A.M. fishing trip with left over makeup and old men wanting to persuade me to eat pickled eggs….yack! LOL….

    I can NOT wait to go fishing again…and show up Mike’s fish AGAIN! ha ha.

    Ah yes. I forgot about the old coot trying to convince you that pickled quail eggs are great for breakfast. At that point, you were really wondering what this “trip down the bayou” was really all about!!!! Glad you had a good time, Ash!

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