Adventures of CooNee, the toddler coon — 4 Comments

  1. That is a stich BW!! I love how a coon eats its food, because their little hands are JUST LIKE OURS!! LOL When I was younger, my grandpy and uncles had coon hounds and we hunted every night of the season. At times in the early spring we would find baby’s on the side of the road cuz mamma had been hit by a car – we’d scoop them up take them home and raise them. We had one that slept, no lie, with the hounds….. go figure. He would sleep on the top of the pile like a king pin. He only stayed for a short time, because he started to get ugly. Males tend to do that I guess… 🙂

    Glad she has her boy, that is the most important thing! LOL

    Ewwwweeeee! I love those growing up kinda stories! And yes, those little, leathery hands are neat. She does this motion with them like she’s kneading dough, and it sure does tickle!

  2. Congrats to CooNee! Does she wash the cat chow like Shawee did? I want to take her home…..she is some cute. Hope Termite taught her how to pick figs. You could use an extra pair of helping hands.

  3. BW better hope Termite didn’t teach CooNee to pick figs. If she’s around next year, there might not be many figs to preserve. Oh, by the way….yesterday at church I was given a jar of the Mock Peach preserves from the people I let come over to pick. Made some biscuits this morning and tried them out. They’re OK, but Hubby and I both prefer the strawberry.

  4. What a great post! CooNee is really coming along! And your figs are beautiful! I’m waiting for my figs to “start doin'” and then I’ll be up to my eyeballs in figs, fig jam, fig preserves, etc. I’m up and around now, and trying to catch back up with all my friends in the blogosphere!

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