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  1. Termite now has the perfect place to run a clothes line for all his hunting gear! No more dryer break downs! LOL!
    I sure hope the weather starts to cooperate. For construction and clothes hanging.

  2. Maybe you will get some dry weather for a change. We got hit tonight with large hail, rain and a series of small tornados. Sure was glad it finally passed over.
    So far, only minor injuries reported to the east of us.

  3. I just was looking at the forecast and it looks like beginning on Monday there will be a good stretch of weather – 4 or 5 days – with clear and dry behind a frontal passage. Let’s see – tomorrow’s Thursday. That’s not SO long 😉

    This is just so interesting. The pilings that were put in place and then abandoned next to the FEMA trailer in my raise-high-the-floor-beam post are finally fitted out with joists, decking and such, but those guys had to bring in every sort of machinery to lift beams and lift themselves from here to there.

    Of course, your crew might appreciate some of that machinery, too, but it sure is neat to see their skill and strength. When I was a kid in Iowa I had the chance to go to a couple of Amish barn-raisings. It’s amazing to see living traditions in action!

    • Well, one of the reasons my pilings sat so long is because the builder owns one “sky lift” which is in use at the house he is building up the bayou. He said if I could wait until they were finished with it, it would save me $2500 in rental fees. I’m all about saving a penny, so I agreed to wait. But these young guys were amazing. There was a lot of grunting involved and a few swear words, but they certainly got it done without the sky lift. Scaffolding and backbone was all it took. The builder wasn’t here, so I wonder if he is as impressed as I am? I am going to email you later! BW

    • Well, I hope you can come back often because I plan to post every step of the way. By the way, you seem to have a lot of photog. business. How much competition do you have? There are at least a dozen new portrait photogs in our nearest town now. Population about 108,000. There are probably two dozen total. How does that compare to where you are?

  4. Be glad you aren’t up here in this rain and nasty weather. Since Christmas Eve I’ve had to use 4wd to get in and out of our driveway. Last night Coach got his Dodge buried up to the doors in the driveway and had to use the tractor to get the truck and my Jeep down to the road so we could get out this morning. The mud was thigh high when I went out to chore. The ground gurgles, weirdest sound ever. I’m really excited for you and can’t wait to see the next step! I’m trying to convince Coach we need to take a road trip this summer!!!!

  5. Louisiana reconstruction period, Hmmmm…. that sounds familiar somehow. Watch out for dem dere yankee carpetbaggers! They been infiltrating the lines lately.

    Ya realize how wonderful next Christmas is going to be? Its a great life if ya just don’t weaken.

    Contractor is here today yanking out the breaker box and “re-wiring”, Looks to be a 2 hour job with a lunch break, but I have the igloo full of ice just in case. LOL. Contractors and Politicians, one’s a natural liar and the other has extra schooling to do it right.

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