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  1. Looks delicious! I would like the recipe. Who knows what kinds of berries I will find on my way to Alaska. Another way of telling dewberries from blackberries is the leaves. Dewberries have a 5 leaf cluster and blackberries have a 3 leaf cluster.

    Ding ding ding! You’re right about the leaves, Kim, but I think you and I might be the only two people on this blog who really care about details like that! Ok, that’s one request for the recipe. I need two more!

  2. Me too, Me too…well that makes me Me two! just one more and we all can get that baby!
    I knew the blossoms and plants were different, guess I never realized the difference in the leaf cluster, bet I will take notice now. I love how BW and her readers keep me learning more and more. I’m a nut about learning these little pearls, I love it! Thanks Kim and BW.

    I love learning new things, too, so I can share them with YOU! The recipe is on its cyber way!

  3. Kim, when are you going to Alaska? Are you driving? I would love to give you some great places to visit on your way if your driving the Alcan.

  4. Just going by “looks”, I think I have that recipe. It’s great for cherries, peaches, and blueberries too. I’d hate to see the others disappointed, I make 3! Recipe, please.

  5. Oh, how I wish I had somewhere to pick dewberries. Funny that you posted this. I saw a truck parked next to a large “ditch” on my way home today and wondered if someone were in there picking dewberries. I’m not sure they’re ripe here yet, though.

    Do I have this recipe? If not, I want it!

    No, LilSis, you don’t have it. But it’s on its way!

  6. As one of the partakers of the tart goodness I must say, all of you missed out! I hadn’t eaten this in years and was quite excited. My personal opinion is that a generous serving of vanilla ice cream is a required accompaniment to this dessert; it really helps to “cut the sour”! (I was proved right when I brought some home to my city-boy fiance, who promptly gushed about how delicious it was, but wimped out because he didn’t have enough ice cream! So, I had to finish it for him… shame.)

  7. Looking back at your picture of this dessert, I must say to your readers, MORE ICE CREAM! (I just won’t tell all of them about that second bowl you had…) *wink*

    It wasn’t a second bowl. It was one little spoon with just a dab of ice cream! Tell Muzicman I’m sorry I skimped on the ice cream

  8. I thought I had this recipe, but it is not the same. Mine doed not call for flour to thicken and it calls for whole stick of butter or marg. I will definately try this one as soon as the berries are ripe !!

    I hope your berries make a great-tasting cobbler like this one! Where are you located?

  9. Hi. I found the post for the recipe. Thanks!! I hope to make it tonight.

    Thanks for stopping by, Julie. Garlene visited here and used it and loves it! Good luck!

  10. Hi, Have some luscious dewberry vines in my side yard and was wondering how to ‘pump up’ their production for next year. Should they be mowed down or just left to vine? Thanks for any info you can share.

  11. Karen – none of my books have advice about them since they are “wild”. However, if you apply methods used to pump up other vines, such as grape, they would be pruned when dormant. An observation I made at the Cypress Cottage–there are some stray dewberry vines growing next to the house. I mowed them down two weeks ago, and they are growing back like crazy. If I were you? I’d go ahead and mow them down when they start to brown a little, just like you do your flowering bulbs. Hey, I don’t think it can hurt. And thanks for visiting here!

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