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  1. Looks good! I love Zatarains seasonings. I boil new potatos frequently and always add about 2-3 tablespoons. I cook my shrimp just like you do. Lots of seasoning and peel and eat one at a time. Along with my potato which I split, butter and dump some Tony Chachere cajun seasoning onto.

    I am envious of those shrimp too. The ones I bought for your jambalaya were called large but, a 2″ long shrimp (without head) is not large.

    By the way, your jambalaya was delicious!!! Hubby poured tabasco into his and of course the salt he loves so much. Even the granddaughter said it sure smells good but, I don’t like shrimp. Oh well, more for us. I bet I gained 3 lbs from that one big bowl.

  2. Grand Isle swimps is on the menu for Friday nite. Been hot and steamy up here causing me to day dream about Loozy all day at work.

    Looks good.

  3. OK, we’re a thousand miles from the nearest ocean but we love a shrimp boil. Granted, the shrimp are not as fresh but the boil is just as much fun. No snooty attitudes allowed when you dump the shrimp on the table. Our version includes that sausage and also corn. I live in the middle of about a million acres of corn, so corn must be included in the pot.

    I’ve never seen anyone have a bad time at a shrimp boil.

    P.S. I can just hear my old friend Anne saying the word, “envie”. She was from Thibodeaux.

  4. I am in the land of the bland food (MN) and you dangle this in front of me! As always, the food on this site make my mouth water. I hope you’re keeping cool down there…

    • Kim, I’m so behind on writing emails. Forgive me? I’ve been busy fishing and fishing! I’m not keeping cool, but I’m sweating for a good cause—-FISHING!!!!!

  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a shrimp boil. But I did have some really good shrimp in the Cayman Islands a few weeks ago, does that count?

  6. In all my years of seafood boiling, I’ve tried many seasonings and all sorts of styles. So I’ll share my findings, scientific and all if you might care to try it out. Louisiana Crawfish boil is the best; powdered and already seasoned. You really don’t have to add anything at all, although I add lots of lemons to every type of boil I do. One of my scientific discoveries, maybe like Mythbusters, is the concept of soaking to get the taste right. The fact is that by the time the water boils, the seafood is mostly cooked. For shrimp or crawfish, just try them until they peel easily. Don’t worry about the taste yet. Scientific fact 1) Thermal expansion causes the meat in the shell to expand with the heat. As the temperature of the water lowers, the meat shrinks allowing your flavored water to enter the shell. So when the seafood peels easy, you can cool the water in several ways. Frozen corn is one way, except in Iowa where it’s not allowed. Ha Ha! I usually have a couple of frozen blocks of ice in my freezer and I just drop them in. When they start to sink that means the water has entered the shell and they have absorbed the water and taste. You are not really “soaking” them, just letting the water cool down. So just cool it youself and you’ll be eating a lot quicker and really tasty boiled seafood! My favorite way to eat boiled seafood is cold. Refrigeration really lets them season by getting really colder.

    Eat them one at a time is the only way. My dipping sauce is Mayonaise & Ketchup (Heinz) 50/50 with some if the lemon juice out of the boiling pot. The shrimp are the best hands down.

    • Hey TB? I left out the “secret step”!!!!! We soaked these with ice cubes right at the end so they would soak up the flavor, but I had no idea why it works!! Thanks for the lesson!

  7. My shrimp boil comes out of the box in the bag. I also add lemons and potatoes BUT I DO NOT leave the heads on the shrimp. I like them real spicy! I’m a dipper so I have to have Louisian Cocktail Sauce. I’m so close but yet so far away to getting some of those beautiful shrimp…………so sad.

  8. I have to deal with shrimp from a grocery store, but I can get Zatarain’s Crab Boil and that’s what I use. We like to peel a few at a time and dip them in a horseradish cocktail sauce.

  9. My oh my! don’t that look good! Peeled and eaten one at a time to savor the flavor is the way to go- and you have to make “the dip”. Do you have left over’s? -remember R.’s shrimp mold – That would be good!
    OK now I’m hungry!

  10. I have this really out of this world recipe for a Drunken Spicy Shameless Shrimp boil from the Dinosaur Bar-b-que up in Yankee territory. Boil up a pot of beer, water, cider vinegar, Old Bay, a mess of garlic, and a heap of Tony C.’s creole seasoning. Throw in the big guys, and delish! Hmmm….I’m hungry. Since the Dinosaur is a little far out of my way, I might just have to light me a fire soon and boil ya up a pot. Oh, and how could I forget the Brazen cocktail sauce. Get ready for your sinuses to be cleared out at warp speed.

    PS Can’t wait for the post on limits and limits of reds!

  11. Turkey Legs in the big Kenmore but wishing they was shrimps. Its hot out on the prairie.

    So Trouble is an old bay fan too. We definitely have to hang out.

    Gave up and drinking Foster’s out of the big can. I hate dayshift.

  12. Zatarain’s or Louisiana brand (I buy them on sale), liquid crab boil, lemons, potatoes, unpeeled onions, sausage, wieners, corn on the cob or canned corn w/holes poked in the can and fresh mushrooms. Place the mushrooms in the empty onion sack. They will suck up the spices easily and if left for the whole soak time, they will extremely spicy! We add ice to stop the cooking process so they are able to soak longer. We’ve just learned if you add a little vegetable oil to the seasoned water, it makes peeling easier. I peel and eat one at a time with a mixture of ketchup, Horseradish, and lemon juice. BW is not kidding about having to use the exhaust fan when boiling indoors. IT WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!
    P.S. Had a shrimp boil with friends in Grand Isle last week. AND…The next day, I boiled a dozen crabs for me. Today I had leftover crab for lunch.

  13. We boil some of our shrimp with seasonings in the pot for eating, usually outdoors on the cooker. Also boil some and save the water for homemade seafood stock to use in recipes later on. We do the same with our crawfish. That indoor boiling will surely open your sinuses, but God it smells so good while cooking! My house doesn’t mind at all!

  14. We love shrimp boils! My son is now the shrimp king of our family. I believe he uses Old Bay or Zatarain seasoning, beer, lemons, and Lord know what else! He also makes a wickedly spicy cocktail sauce, with lots of fresh horseradish that really clear the sinus areas!
    My method of eating is to peel and bunch and then pig out!

  15. When we vacationed on GA’s Tybee Island, I found a little shop selling fresh shrimp and blue crab. This brings back great memories of boiling them in the B&B’s kitchen with what they had, Old Bay, though I grew up with Zatarain’s. The kids didn’t seem too thrilled with the heads and legs, though. I guess we were tougher in my day. 🙂

  16. Oh My Goodness Shrimp Boils I need to try that! I need me some serious southern USA travel to eat me some. Me love shrimp big time.

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