Chapter 5 – The Drilling Dock — 25 Comments

    • Welcome, Linda, and are you new here? Chapter 1 is here. To read all chapters, find the “Category” box in the right margin, click on “Bayou Journey”, and it will list the chapter titles and the first paragraph of each. Just go from there!

  1. I so much enjoy your stories about working in the “patch.” Been there, done that, as a crew boat skipper, and certainly familiar with the cast of characters you portray. The names, faces and locations are interchangeable.

  2. Those Indian boys and their brown eyes. The guys I work with know I’m a sucker for that and therefore they get away with murder, lol. Luckily my kids got blue eyes from their father and can’t get away with battting big brown eyes at me!

  3. Ok then. A story about coffee and I been practically caffeine free for about a week or so. On third week of the bug that’s killing me. 63 deg here. and in bed most of day.

  4. Boy Wendy, I don’t know if you realize how good these chapters are! I can’t wait to read the next one. This would be a book that would keep me up reading all night long.

    • You know, Kim, it’s really not nice to exaggerate like that LOL!!!!! While I type, I just keep wondering if anybody is going to read it!! It does remind me how interesting everything in South Louisiana was to me when I first moved here, and how the bayou people just really lured me in with their culture and way of life. And those guys were my first exposure to bayou people. Thanks for the encouragement, Kim!

  5. I agree with Kim! I am really enjoying all the chapters you are writing and I too would sit up all night to finish this book! I keep watching for the next installment. Keep up the good work.

  6. …and when he spoke, he did so with few words with sharp points that pricked the air and then fell, hard to the ground.

    Oh, that’s good stuff! I’ve got this whole collection of sentences I wish I’d written, and that’s one 😉

    Really interesting story. Woman-moving-into-man’s-world is one I’ve done twice, and all things considered it was easier in the boatyard!

    It’s time for me to go back and read all this in order. It’s just so enjoyable.

    • Quite honestly, there’s nothing quite as prodding as praise from another writer who has certainly strung together her own word beads forming beautiful strings of pearls. Thanks, Linda!

  7. Oooooh, BW, leaving us dangling on the horns of a delicious romantic dilemma! LOL

    Get to work pronto; I can’t stand the suspense!

    Seriously though—your writing is wonderful and I swear I could almost smell the inside of that trailer. Love the descriptions of all the men.

    Patiently waiting………….

  8. At noon blu is brewing up a big pot of dunkin dark then hitting the sacaulait holes. if it ain’t pouring rain. if it is I am shopping for long rods.

    Daylight saving time next week. I may just feel better.

    You know these episodes of the boat yard and bayou make me think back to when I messed up and ignored Samantha the tug boat line owner’s daughter in college. Probably best thing ever happened to her.

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