Concrete complete by Complete Concrete!

After interviewing three more contractors and getting their varying expert opinions about how to re-do the slab and also their estimates for doing the job, I decided to hire Complete Concrete.  All three cement finishers have good reputations, and I looked at slabs and driveways done by all three.  However, the owner of Complete Concrete had the most straight forward approach for me to understand and agree with.  Further, turns out he’s a “reverend”, and he felt so badly that I had been “taken to the cleaners” by the other fellow, that he cut his labor price in half for me.  Did you know that the magic number for cement finishing down here in this day and age is $1.50 a square foot?  Neither did I until two weeks ago.

I called The Rev. Monday morning to tell him I had chosen him to do the work; and by mid morning, the work was well under way.  The workers told me The Rev. had taken them off a big hotel job in another city to come down and “fix this mess for a lady that got swindled”.

Well, thank you Rev.  I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.  You are restoring my faith in mankind, but if you can’t trust a preacher, who can you trust?

I just wish the concrete company would have been feeling as generous!  No chance, though!!  By the way, it’s a different concrete company than the one who gave us the grand tour a while back.

Final slab under campThis was just after they left.  It’s still wet, of course, hence the discoloration; but it looks so much better than the first time around.

The Rev.The Rev. came back and removed the forms (his and the previous guy’s) and using his Bobcat, he dressed up the yard (cleaning up the mess the other guy left) and did it out of the goodness of his heart and did not charge me for it.

El Charlie GhandiI had the privilege of meeting four honest, hard-working cement finishes who take pride in their work as though their names were going to be plastered across the front of the camp.  They are Elward, Charles, Ghandi (a nickname) and . . .

Hollisthe head honcho, Hollis.

I enjoyed listening to their stories as they worked together like a well-oiled machine.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

Slab finished

Thank you, gentlemen, for all your hard work and for letting me watch you like a hawk as you worked your concrete magic!

Now, who has a nail gun, a compressor, and one day of spare time?  I need to finish the catwalk and handrails!

Open house possibly this coming Sunday!

Happy as a pig in mud,


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  1. Beats chipping a toofy on Baby Jesus in a King Cake, praise the Lord.
    Here’s hoping that works out great. Now where are those fishing reports?

    Born again or Revival???

    What about chocolate covered peeps for everybody?

  2. Now THEY LOOK LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! That cement finisher looks great – and I bet they poured it in sections didnt they??? Milk Man is writing the email… 🙂

  3. Oh tis purdy concrete! Look at that wide open expanse just waiting for that seafood boiler.

  4. Well, Praise the Lord! And I mean that sincerely. I am so glad for you. You deserved a break and it is good christian people like that Reverend that puts your faith back in human kind. I’m hopin’ for you to be able to still get somethin’ back from the swindler. Good luck!
    Your house looks beautiful. It hurts me lookin’ at it. I want a tree house!

  5. Hey Rebel? There is one BIG drawback to this tree house . . . that oak tree in the back is constantly shedding leaves onto the deck. They get stuck in between the deck boards and the blower can’t get them out. If my days weren’t busy enough, now I have to add “run the blower” to the list!

  6. This makes me happy! I’m so glad that someone stepped up to right another person’s wrong. Even though no one should have to clean up another’s messes, the fact that some people do makes me feel much better about the world in general. And since we’re practically the same person, I’m sure it makes you feel that way too! JUSTICE! Yayyyyy! 🙂

    Hopefully there’s some more justice in store for you… let me know if I need to go stand in anyone’s yard with an air horn at 3am to kick things off! *haha*

    Love you, Mommer! We need a date soon.

  7. I am so sorry to say, Dotter, that I did not even put the date. I was about to do it and got distracted and then totally forgot. Sort of sad, huh? And yea, we DO need a date!! Had enough of your little brothers, eh? Love you!

  8. And Dotter, you need to go name your favorite book since you’ve got a book list a mile long!!! You don’t have to be included in the random drawing. And I need a guest post by you of Disney with photos!!!

  9. I’m glad you had good results with your “Rev”. When I served as Chair for our church’s Trustees, I hired a “Rev” to build a privacy fence at the parsonage. Bad experience. They “borrowed” our pastor’s chainsaw (in stead of using the bow saw I gave them to use) and it hasn’t been seen since. The Rev. started screening his calls after he assured me (twice) it would be returned. When you wrote “…if you can’t trust a preacher, who can you trust?”, I had a good chuckle. I may be checking out the work myself on Wed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “Something” doesn’t cancel this trip down.

  10. I was going to be all smart and sassy and reply about the dimensions and the angles, etc on the concrete but I’m exhausted. We will just go with it looks pretty. Glad it is much better than the last time! It’s all looking really great and will be so nice to have it all completed I’m sure.

  11. Wow, all I can say is that sure is p u r d y !!!! Now thats concrete done alright!!! Amen to the Rev and his boys for doing a fine job, doing it right and adding that lil extra for a customer that really needed a break as well as lift in spirit!