Suzanne The Farmer’s Wife, who makes her own laundry soap by the 3-gallon batch (and I am duly impressed by the way) just happened to be the first one to post on this contest and she just happened to be right!  Except that it is not a soft shelled crab, but a very lively hard-shelled blue one!  And man, was it a beauty.

Crab Contest

This the exact photo from which the closeup was pulled for the contest.  If you look closely, it was the section just below the eyes.  Lyle pointed out the number 193 on its shell, but it’s not even visible in this photo.  I’m not sure if that was a freak of nature or what.  I’ve never heard of anyone marking crabs, since they molt and change shells regularly.  I’ll have to remember to ask someone.

Blue CrabDid you have any idea they are so pretty right out of the water?

Boiled crabAnd look!  They are still pretty even after they are boiled!

Congratulations, Suzanne!!!  Please message me on the Bayou Woman page with your address so I can send you that honey, honey!

Thank you all for taking the time to wager a guess.  It was fun! We’ll have to do it again soon!  Maybe a “name that migratory bird” contest!!!  Yea!!!  (Kim are you there?)


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  1. 1) That is really a beautiful creature, the colors, the shapes, the design of his appendages, and wow, he is just way cool, I can stop looking at him.
    2) Ok now you are just being mean, and cruel…those look soooooo good, im drooling on the key board. did you cook these?
    3) that last pic, cropped like that, begs to be framed and displayed at Camp-D!! seriously!!!
    4) Did you save me any of those crabs??? hmm? One little claw? any thing???? shux…now Im sulking..between drooling…bottom lip is really out there
    5) ok, plz explain the number wolfy noticed, what it part of his markings that just happened to look like a number, or was he really an escaped con crab??
    6) are we getting a post on HOW to cook these babies? or how to catch them? Im quiet needy tonight, perhaps its the excessive saliva, the growling stomach, or the calling “I want to do that..!”

  2. SweetM! I apologize profusely while visions of boiled crab dance in my hand from last night’s sumptuous feast of sweet white crab meat mingled with boiled potatoes and corn! I really am sorry about your drooling problem!

    No, I did not cook those crab in the photo, but a girlfriend of mine up the bayou did. And they were soooooo good! I saved those crab for you for five days and you never showed!

    About the number 193 on that crab. I never noticed it before Lyle pointed it out, and I have no idea if it was really put there or not. Termite caught that crab on a recent fishing trip.

    RenRed and LilSis are down! Post forthcoming!

  3. WOO HOO…… do you realize the odds were against me? I live 864 miles from the ocean and rarely, if EVER, see a fresh crab? But, as you can see I love them so much that I’d recognize them anywhere. Blue crab?? Even better.

    Love you blog, love your bayou…….trying to raise enough advertising dollars to get down there and visit.

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife – Stranded on the Illinois Prairie

  4. Suzanne if you go there I am going with you!!! *grabs suitcase and starts packing!!!* Of course I will bring clean underwear with…. and butter and salt for all the yummy food we can eat!

    Great contest BW! You are on my daily read list ya know! 🙂 Those crabs are beautiful – so I should be HONORED when Milk Man says I am being crabby…he is saying I am beautiful.. *blushs*

  5. THAT DOES IT! I’m going to the seafood market TODAY! (Just after I go to the bank) No telling what they’ll charge. It will be worth every penny though.

  6. Plenty of opportunities to bum ride down with me coming up.

    Camp 2 doors down boiled crabs one night, it was brutal the way they were getting to meat. Never saw one eaten before but pretty sure hammer crab pliers and 2×4 not the way to go. Funny of all the boiling I saw going on corn and stuff rarely got eaten.

  7. Thanks Choupiquer. I thought maybe she’d O.D. on those Blue Crabs since we hadn’t heard from her. I hope she’s spending some of her “down” time on the water.

  8. In true southern style, we will just sit on the porch and visit with each other until she is able to rejoin us….lol, sweet iced tea anyone??
    Choupiquer, I enjoyed visiting your website, nice, real nice hon.
    Well I’ll be Steffi, just how many do you think that girl did eat???
    That Termite sure is gettin tall aint he…handsome youngun too….that one there is a mighty fine one, he is. I agree, Heidi, all her boys turned out mighty fine, you right about that.
    Kim, have you heard if that Suzanne is comin down anytime soon??? Sure would like to be here to meet her. Yep, I’d have to make my banana cream pie or one of my cheese cakes, you know I gotta bring somethin, can’t show up empty handed you know. You reckon that RenRen fella would really tell us if his neighbors fuss about all his bees? Wonder if BW is off with dotter, that girl has her mama’s heart, shes a beauty inside and out. Well, I gotta go get dinner started, that boy of mine, can’t fill him up these days, that toot done got taller’n me, lol, but I can still warm up his back side and he knows it too…..Ms. Christy, you take my chair hon, I gotta go, blu probably needs to stand for abit, been drivin a long time…ya’ll take care now, tell BW I came by, sorry I missed her, but I’ll catch up on everything when I come back…………………………..

  9. That’s a face only a mother could love! It had to be a hungry man who first cracked one of those open. but beautiful? Yes, absolutely.

    BTW, BW, my first great grandchild is being born today. I’ll post pictures when I have some.

  10. Thanks Sweet M! It could use a little sprucin up tho. Hey, don’t let Jethro Bodine eat all that banana cream pie. Save a slice for us! He can eat that box of Kellogs corn flakes and the gallon of milk in the fridge instead. You prolly got a nice big salad bowl he could use. LOL