Wildflower Contest Answers & a Winner!

peepee1)  Butterweed

Rabbit foot2)  Lizard’s Tail

snowdrop3)  Snowbell

Name it 14)  Still unidentified . . .  the leaves resemble wild geranium.

Name it 25)  Still unidentified

Name it 36) Still unidentified

Name it 47) Purple Vetch

Name it 58)  Daisy Fleabane

Name it 69)  And lastly, these are the flowers that set this whole thing in motion.  I looked out my kitchen window, and there they were, on the roadside where they have NEVER sprung up before.  Nor have they ever bloomed on this property in 13 years.  They close at night, if that helps.

Name it 9And as of this rewrite they are still blooming.  And still unidentified.  UPDATE:  April 27th, 2009, at least four of my wonderful readers have said this must be “Christ in the cradle” plants, so thank you all very much for solving the mystery that started this whole thing!  I took a walk “out back” for the first time since the Ike flood, and I found several more “strange” flowers growing!!!!!  Maybe another day, huh?  Thanks, gals!

Thank you all for playing and trying so hard.



Joan, please write me from the bottom of Bayou Woman page and let me know what color flower photo you might like and I’ll send you a few to choose from, unless you have one in mind already.  You will have two weeks to make a decision!



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  1. #9 looks like a Christ in the Cradle plant. It only blooms at nite or very early morning. I have one growing in a 5 gallone bucket, and it has grown pretty big. If they are in the ground, they can get huge!

    1. Thanks, Patty! I wonder where this one came from? It must have washed into my yard out of someone’s pot during the storm surge from Ike last fall! I’m going to look up that name in my book right now–since you are the second one to mention it.

  2. I believe #9 is a Christ in the Cradle plant. I have one just like it, and it only blooms at nite or early morning.