Copperhead Studios and the Cajun Copper Queen — 33 Comments

  1. I will have to go by Joycelyn’s studio next time I come to Houma. This was a great article Wendy. You are a wonderful writer. I enjoy everything you write even if I am not familiar with the subject! lol

    • It’s great to hear from you Apryl, and your compliments mean so much! She lists her number so give her a call before you go just to make sure she’s there and can give you directions! She’s a great gal.

  2. What beautiful copper work! I have a huge copper mine not too far from my house. I love the look of copper! I’ll have to visit Joycelyn’s studio the next time I’m down that way! This work would sell well in the southwest also.

    • I am sitting in her studio right now, Kim! I read your comment to her and she said, “In another life I’d be ready to go to Silver City and sell my stuff!” She’d love to meet you, too!

  3. My Mom collected “Punched Copper”, They would punch designs in the copper sheet and allow it to sit outside to develope the green stuff. I think we called it vertigree in the service. She did not have much of it, my sister has it now, but she always enjoyed showing it off as it would change. I assume they never laquered it since it changed.

    Copper makes a nice medium for art. I love “Little Red Hiding Hole”.

    PS:: Prettiest bar top I ever saw was in a west Texas honky tonk, it was hammered copper with large coins laid on top then covered with thick acrylic Lacquer. Very interesting.

  4. Hey Lady! Loved reading about your visit with Joycelyn! She is a piece of artwork herself! Love her and her work…I still haven’t gotten around to visiting…gonna have to put it on my agenda to stop by one day real soon! Hope you are well (finger?) and are catching lots of trout! 🙂

    • All you artsy folks know each other! Finger much better, and are YOU catching lots of trout? I hope to find some for my Bayou Woman Adventure this weekend! Thanks for the nice comment, Darlene!

        • Guess what? The documentary film maker I had on the boat yesterday has an obsession with “Last Island” and really wanted to go walk on Raccoon Island. Can you imagine how hard I laughed? LOL!!! She even knows Christy Speakman, your partner in crime, so I told her to do two things: Read the story on the blog or ask Christy about her trip to the island in detail!!! It told her we could look but not touch! Sorry for family troubles, it’s just part of life, and this too shall pass!!

          • Oh my goodness! Just seeing this now… That is too funny…about Last Island and the “obsession”, lol… Guess I’m not the only one! I’d be happy to supply some footage for the documentary if she needs some…put her in touch with me if you want. Hope all else is well with you and the family. 🙂

  5. Dang she’s hot.

    Blu is frustrated Arts and Crafts guy. Copper is big in that movement.

    Dang she’s hot. Did I mention that?

    She fishes?


  6. I have known Joycelyn for about 25 years and she is one of the most inspirational people I know. She has a creative fire burning through her like no one else I know. Her work is so cool and unique. Everyone should see it in person. It will take your breath away!!!!!!!

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