Duckless Hunting


The Artsy Side of Duck Hunting

I love the over-exposed look of this pic.  Because I was under a “no flash” order, the slightest movement of either subject or camera causes noise, like seen above.

I call this one “Roseau Sky” because this is what I could see while I was reclining amongst the reeds.

He stood like this for what seemed liked hours.  Amazing how the ADD takes a vacation, isn’t it?

I need a name for this odd photo.

This photo makes my liver quiver.  You?

Do you see the cammo dog?

Coming soon:  A Boy and his Dog!


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  1. I see you’re having fun with your photo software! 🙂 Me too. I like what you’ve done. I especially like Roseau Sky.

    1. Software? No, no. This is how this shot turned out because either he or I or the boat moved ever so slightly. In dark settings, without a flash and a tripod, the lens picks up the slightest movement and records it because the shutter stays open so long to let in enough light to capture the image. That’s what I mean when I say I like the way it turned out, even though it’s actually called “a mistake”!

      I’m glad you like Roseau Sky—-it was one of many I took like that!!! I was bored, you see!

  2. 3am. 12 hours to convince back it wants to ride along to Fourchon.
    Dishes, bills, and running River to the vet for safe keeping. Got to love dogs.
    The flock of Canada geese here keeps growing. Roof level passes keep River on edge.

  3. Nice shots BW! Love the “ADD takes a vacation” shot. Thanks again for the tour yesterday, but kinda wish we could have taken a ride in your backyard.

  4. It is funny how the ADD just leaves their bodies when they put on cammo. I’m always amazed at how the kid who cant even be quiet to the end of the driveway can sit for hours silently in a duck blind. I’m thinking I need to go on a hunting trip and take some pictures. Now, what do they hunt in the middle of the day when it’s warmer that I can wear my sweats to and not miss the OSU game?

  5. Love the pictures! (Except the one with the kidney… Eww!) I really had to look for the dog in that last one!

    And I’m sorry, Mommer, but I have to exercise my editor’s gene… Shouldn’t “cammo” have only one “m” since “camouflage” has only one? I know you’ve had some personal growth in the red ink pen area, but I’m still slashing away mercilessly! 😉

      1. LOL! I’m with dotter on this one, because it’s a shortening of a word. My cat’s name is spelled “Camo”, but we call her “Cami”. Should we appeal to a higher authority?

      2. Well, has a tab on their page that says “Camo”… Jussayin’!

        Aunt H, thanks for your support!


    1. I now resolve to always spell the word cammo with one “m”. You two just teamed up on me, and I don’t appreciate it. Now, I’m going to pout and remove my camo since we’re not going hunting due to rain. And while you two are at it, why don’t you tell my friend Cammy that she should be spelling her name with one “m”? LOL!!!

  6. Kidney??? I thought that was a gizzard.

    Have you ever wondered about ADD? I thought that squirming, moving, ignoring us children were just being children. How I would love to go back to the simple times when being a kid was fun.

    1. LOL! Cammy! YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!! I didnt’ correct daughter because she is not a hunter-type girl at all! I cracked up when I ready kidney, but she’s a good sport, so I’m sure she’ll be commenting on her misnomer soon! And about ADD, yes I have wondered about it. In regard to Termite, it was a joke. Though for some people, ADD might be a true diagnosis (no offense anyone, and I mean that), this family firmly believes that it’s more like something called AWD (a** whipping deficiency)!!!! Okay, folks, don’t anyone get made at me for having an opinion. I’m not a non-coercive or “time out” parent. Just didn’t work for us most of the time. Sometimes, the best way to the brain and heart is through the fanny. Bet I’m gonna get letters about this post! And one more thing. I’m glad I was able to homeschool my boys at least until they could sit still, because they might have been labeled learning disabled or tagged with ADD early on if they had been required to sit in a desk all day!! BW

      1. LOL oops! I read “liver quiver”, got grossed out, and by the time I wrote the comment my brain switched it to kidney. They’re all gross bloody gutpieces that are “ewww” anyway, so I’m not surprised at myself! I guess if I’d gone to medical school instead of banging away at the piano for 4 years I’d know the difference! Oh well. Next time. 😉

    2. Dear Camy,
      I had to change the spelling of your name. Hope you don’t mind! Okay, I’m teasing, but I have to get Dotter and LilSis back for being so doggone smart!!! It is a gizzard, which everyone here says are very, very tasty. However, I recently had a very bad experience with fried chicken gizzards, so I won’t touch another gizzard as long as I live. I think I might do a post just on gizzards!! That should be fun, well maybe fun isn’t the right word!

      1. I had a good laugh on that one BW.
        Actually, my nick name is taken from the cam shaft in a motor and also, part of my initials.

  7. Dotter, I like your description “liver quiver”. LOL!! But, I love fried gizzards. Wish I still had the teeth to eat them with! Hubby gets all of them now.

    BW, I am with you on AWD! If you get a lot emails on it, tell them I started it! ^/^

    1. Cammy, if you’d like to eat fried gizzards again, boil them in some seasoned water until fork tender and then put them in the grease; melt in your mouth! You could even keep the water for stock. I also believe we have more AWD problems than ADD problems.

  8. OH GIRL!!! I have MISSED YOU!!!
    I am now back to gettting my butt blogging.. I could not have imagined the amount of stress this relives when I allow it to!
    LOVE THE DOG!!! HUGS to you my wetland friend and hope that you know I have NEVER forgotten you!!!

    1. I’m sorry that I’ve not kept up with you. Life here took a couple wrong turns, which detoured a lot of my spare time, too! So, I’ve not been blogging around as much as I used to. Nevertheless, welcome back and it’s so good to hear from you! Hope things on the farm are going better for you all.