Gingerbread Cookies — 11 Comments

    • I’ve narrowed it down to one particular size of Gingerbread man that is just the right size for a cookie. I have lots of other cookie cutters for the holidays that the kids used to use for sugar cookies every Christmas. My how things have changed. It’s just not as much fund without them here to help me, now. Maybe when I have grandkids (if I’m not 100 yet)!!

  1. I saw a gingerbread kit at the store today and it was ninja gingerbread men. 🙂 Yours look great and the kids would love them. But someone else will have to fix them. I can’t stand the smell or the taste of gingerbread. Don’t know why either.

  2. Have never made a ginger anything but I just might. I do a lot of cooking so don’t know why I have never made any. Yours look so good. Nice cook and gonna be some happy folks. Merry Christmas to you and the family. Bill

  3. Well, I don’t think I’ll be doing any baking this Christmas season. I’ve been so busy (or out of town), the only thing I’ve done is finish my shopping. The tree isn’t even decorated yet! So…BW, It’s not looking good for you getting a Fruit Cake this year.

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