Finally, a lull in the storm . . . — 2 Comments

  1. how pretty!!!! This is one of the few perks living down here vs Alaska…the early spring!!! I noticed the hospitals azaleas starting to bloom and yet the Iditarod race started this Sunday….
    This reminds me of the book the Secret Life of Bees..loved that book. I understand the colony follows the queen, but as a dumb question, can you not take they honey comb and transplant it elsewhere?? (ignorant of beekeeping). Fascinating creatures.

    Hey Deb. I loved that book, too! I’ve never heard of transplanting the comb, as they are programmed to make and fill it. One other reader asked if I would talk more about keeping bees, and I just might do that — educate you through photos as to what is involved. Yes, they are fascinating creatures. I think the category Bayou Bees is in the making!

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