Fishing with the Gu of the Du — 30 Comments

  1. Spiffy. I am going to third shift next week and can’t wait to hit the water every morning. I got me some yakking to do.

    35 pound reds??? I’ll just watch thank you.

    • I almost needed a winch, Goldie! I think that was the hardest time I’ve ever had hauling in a fish. Way more work than the 30.5 pound black drum I hauled in a couple years ago. It was fun, though. We literally wore ourselves out catching those big fish and throwing them back.

  2. WOW WOW WOW what a trip I’m sooooooo jealous! Glad You had such a great day!!! fine Bull red too! Braggin rights for that one for sure!!!

  3. My gosh! Fifteen or twenty minutes? You rock, girl! What a wonderful day you had. Prepare for more people on your waters, though. There’s not much left over here for fish to live in!

  4. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My DVD recorder is NOT working! I’ll try again Sunday! I think it will be airing the same show.

    • So, Blu, you have earned the job of resident IT geek. If DVD is last century, what is VHS? Well, I went to the site. Thanks for thinking to look up their link . . . since Termite keeps stealing my speakers, I never think to look up shows on my computer. Looks like the show will be uploaded to the site after it airs a couple times. That’s good. I can wait to see myself doing the twist at the Friday night social as part of the conference.

  5. That red fishing looks like a lot of fun, we will have to try that again! Jason isn’t coaching football this year so we really are hoping to come back this fall. Bryce will never be able to forget to set the hook to the side as many times as you had to tell him, bless your patience! We haven’t had internet at work or at home lately so I’ve missed out on the site and I feel so lost.

    Thanks again for sending the spices. 🙂

    • Well, let me clarify that the only time and place to catch these bull reds is in the Gulf when they are schooling. And it took going with someone who knew exactly where they would be and at what time. It’s not something that happens every day. However, there are plenty of reds inland, we just have to hunt for them by trolling the banks (sort of like bass, ya know?) and fishing the cuts. Yep, setting the hook to the side is key! I have missed your presence, but I do see you on FB (done from you phone, no doubt!). You are welcome and it’s great having you catch up here again. BW

  6. Just got back from 5 roasting days in Laughlin, NV. It was good to cool off with your adventure. You know I’m new to your site. I’m just so impressed with your writing. I love it. Thanks for sharing it with me, I mean everybody.

    • I’m wondering what was so attractive in roasty, toasty NV! Thanks for the compliment, and you are most welcome. I love to write. Wish I had the discipline to type a novel . . . . write a novel . . . . finish a novel . . . .

      • Wellllll, before we went the attraction was 9 casinos, the Colorado river, and a trip to Hoover Dam/Lake Mead. But, after going…lets just say “We went, we saw, we roasted, we came home with more appreciation for our mountains, greenery, wildlife, and food. Now don’t get me wrong they had a lot of food and it was good, but I missed my vegetables, real vegetables, okra, fresh corn on the cob, homegrown tomatoes, butter beans, turnip greens, egg plant, and all those things that are in season right now in the South. None of he locals even knew what cornbread and pot “licker” were.

        Now as for discipline, I used to have a lot more self discipline than I do now. You need to write 3 lines a day. Just 3 little lines! Then before you know it you’ll be writing a paragraph. Then 2 or 3 paragraphs. You made a mistake of writing a book and now you have people that adore you and want to know more. There are stories out there in our every day life that are funny, sweet, meaningful, hurtful, informative, and just plain interesting and entertaining. Give those people that adore you what they want, no what they need. If you’ll start a book, I’ll tell you a funny story.

        • Hm. As long as that funny story has nothing to do with me in years gone by . . . . unless of course, you email it to me first and let me put my seal of approval on it, lol! Arkansas sounds divine, G.

  7. Wendy, the paradise louisiana guys are great about posting their entire show video on their website. Here’s the link.

    I like it to send to our parents whenever Chris is on the show.

    Great Article. I will put a link on the Annual Conf tab on the LOWA website. I also have articles from Lyle, Joe and Glynn Harris! Was great getting to spend more time with you this year! Take care. Vicki

    • Thanks for the link and the kind words, Vicki! It was great getting to spend more time with you also. Sometimes, I’m like the “odd girl out” in this club; but the men are very tolerant of my presence! Where ARE all our female members, anyway? I guess I need to recruit more! Thanks again for all yours and Chris’ hard work to make our 66th LOWA conference a great one!

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