HT Redfish Series Comes to the Bayou! — 24 Comments

  1. Sam has always talked about the big bass tournaments. Now I understand more about what he talks about. Thanks for an interesting and informative post!

  2. I agree about the photo, beautiful! I enjoyed the article too. My nieces husband fishes in tournaments and has taught their daughter who is either 5 or 6 to love to fish also. I think most of his fishing is done in Texas though.

  3. This is really interesting. Since I listen to the Outdoor Show early-early in the mornings here in Houston, I’ve heard a lot of the guys who fish tournaments talk about them, but I’ve never actually been to one or seen what goes on.

    The name Jason Keating rings a bell – I’m sure I’ve heard him call in and chit-chat.

    And you betcha I love that first photo. Really nice!

    • Quite a few guys participated who are from around your neck of the woods. Some from Port A. and Rockport to name two. I’m glad you like the first photo. I had a hard time getting what I wanted due to the fact that I was facing the rising sun. Had to hide it behind the tree, lol!

  4. I know how to describe your photo: Etheral. And I probably spelled it wrong too. But, it has an other world quality of peace and beauty to it that makes one want to sit and look at it.

    • I like that word, Cammy. It has an “other-worldly” feel to it! I think that’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever been paid about a photo. It’s weird, because I was headed home from the landing, photographing those guys taking off, and I saw that scene and had a 10-second debate with myself whether or not I should turn around and go back. Well, I went back, and there were so many power wires in the way, I didn’t think I would be able to produce a good final product. The other weird thing is all the other photos have an orange tint to them, very unnatural looking. I don’t know how this one came out the way it did . . . . I never even changed the camera settings and there it was. So, it really is unexplainable, other worldly, ethereal.

  5. Great photo! Love looking at that fog…just don’t want to drive through it. Car or boat! I get real uneasy.
    I’m glad your guest made the cut for 2012. Congratulations guys.
    Speaking of tournaments, did you participate in the the Grand Isle Women’s tourney this year?

    • Here’s the really good/bad thing: I’ve been so busy with work that I totally forgot about it. Back in April, one of the coordinators asked me if I would guide a boatload of women in the tournament. And then, I kept thinking October was way far off and I’d talk to her about it soon. Soon never came, and now I’ve missed it. Oh well . . . . the short answer is no, I didn’t fish i!

  6. Dem trouts iz bitn n I needs dem reprtz posthead, get fishn in dat babe boat, missy cher.

    You wouldn’t want Robert to post a trout trip first, y’allz.

    The insurance medical pharmacuetical crap is ruining my life faster than my diabetes is going bad. I’d be worried but going fishing….

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