Christmas Eve Revisited

Candlelight Service

Candlelight service, left to right:  Daboo, Captain, Termite, Miah, Danno.  You don’t see Dotter and MuzicMan in the photo because they were leading the music.

Afterward, off to the boys’ house for food and gifts.


Dotter with gift from her hubby MuzicMan. . . a Willow Tree piece called “Together”.


MuzicMan with thoughtful gift of fake tattoos from Daboo.


Dabbo, getting emotional over a set of glasses from big sister, Dotter!


Danno hoarding his tin of Gingerbread Bayou Boys!  (Notice dressing down from red dress shirt in candlelit photo?)


The Captain styling new leather jacket from his four sons.


And me with my new toy!

At this point, you might be wondering why there is no photo of Termite and Miah opening a gift?  That’s because their gift makes up a photo story deserving a post of its own . . . tomorrow!

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  1. I like the jacket. Did you know digital picture frames are power hogs?
    One of worst devices for electrical usage. O wait I forgot no heat bills on bayou.

  2. Our churches must shop at the same store. We have those same, exact candles! What a coincidence. LOL
    OK, Musicman plays guitar, Dotter does vocals…are they both Music Majors, or is this their (music) Ministry calling?
    I hope every reader had a wonderful day and made some great memories. It appears BW and family did.

  3. Looks like it was a fun family evening – and the house looked so clean! Way to go guys! 🙂

    What is a digital picture frame???

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Now Blu has my attention. I recieved a digital picture thing for my birthday (12/26 thank you). I didn’t ever want one nor paid attention as to what they are. Enlighten me please?

  5. Oh goody! You take your little memory card and insert it into a slot in the back of the frame, plug the frame in to power, and it displays the photos on the screen in a continuous slide show. For example, right now, mine is displaying all the photos from Christmas Eve. You can even format the screen like one of those flat screen TV’s with WIDE, NORMAL, or CINEMA and also the way the photos appear, they can fade in, curtain in from left or right, etc. And after Blu told me they suck the juice, well, I went and unplugged mine!

    It’s one of those luxury items I’d NEVER buy for myself, but my very progressive son felt I should have one and gifted me so! That’s why I call it my “toy”!

    Katy – no tears. But if you think that made you cry, wait until you see the photos of the younger boys! And Happy Birthday again, fuzzy cuzzy!

  6. I received a digital frame for Christmas last year. My favorite daughter-in-law (under 5’2″) even downloaded pictures of the family on it for me. Mine works like a slide show. It has different “modes”, where I can show just 1 large photo or 3 sm. photos on one side and a larger photo on the other. My grandchildren turn it on every time they come over. D-I-L told me she would be bringing it home with her soon to update the photos. Thoughtful, HUH? Actually she knows if it were left up to me to learn to do it, the grandchildren will have graduated H.S. before they got changed. The 8 G-kids are ages 3-7. What can I say, I’m electronically challenged.

  7. Steffi – mine has those features, too. But I’m like you–challenged and I need to sit down with the manual and play with it, but right now I have to get ready for an overnight trip with Dotter!!! I’m sure there’ll be a post about that outing!!!

  8. Steffi: Actually you’re right on all four guesses and then some! I was a music major (twice), B.A. and M.M. and my hubby is almost finished with his B.A. in vocal music. We are the music directors at our church, we both sing, he plays guitar and I play piano. 🙂