Winter is Great for Birding!

These are the birds I’ve seen and photographed in the last two days. Some of them on the way to town, and some of them while going fishing today. I just love these wading birds especially. Enjoy!
A male pelican posing for me
A snowy egret, not afraid of the boat at all
A female pelican posing for me, also totally unafraid
A great egret who was definitely afraid of us
A little blue heron too busy eating to worry about me
A great blue heron about to get him a bite of lunch, not worried in the least
I nearly fell out of the boat getting my camera for this one. This is a Louisiana heron (now called tri-colored heron). Isn’t it gorgeous? They are not as common as the other two.
My 11 year old took this one from the car. He loves killdeer and did a great job
This is a kingfisher, which my son also took.
And no birding tour would be complete without at lest one raptor. He took this one while the car was moving.
I know this isn’t a bird. It’s a redfish and I caught 2 like this today, cleaned them, and grilled them on the skin. They were delicious!

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  1. You got some great shots of the birds Wendy! I know how hard it is to take pictures of them.

    Thanks, Kim! After I saw the Louisiana heron, I kept my camera hanging on my left shoulder while I was fishing just in case I came across something good. The only birds I didn’t photograph are my favorites — the rosies. They flew over a couple times but landed too far away for me to shoot them. They are deep brilliant pink right now. You know I always think of you when I see birds!

  2. I have a big envy thing going here. I want to be where you are with the birds and the fish. Not here. With the toddlers and the snot.
    I hate cold season….

    Well, enjoy those years, I’m past the toddlers already! Come on down!

  3. Very nice pictures. WOW! One of these days my photos will look this great.

    Wow, Ellen what a nice compliment. I’m a hobbyist with a LOT to learn! Thanks for stopping by–I’ll go visit you now!