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  1. You are Brave!! I would never even TRY to run a bay boat. My Hero!!! Eagerly awaiting more of this adventure story!

    • Hi Swampwitch! Oh, she’s not a bay boat, but a flat bottom skiff used mostly here for crabbing. However, I am noticing more and more of these vessels being purchased and rigged out for fishing. Because of the length, she handles a chop pretty well. I got a good deal on her at the end of last summer when a young entrepreneur from Alabama bought it, second hand, to put to use in the oil cleanup. He never got a contract, though, and rather than haul it back from Grand Isle to his home state, he settled for my offer. I’ve since retired the pontoon boat I’ve been using for tours and fishing since 2004, now BAB is the main boat. The speed increase alone was worth the investment. I’m back at my desk and hope to write more here in a minute. Are your friends still wanting a tour tomorrow? I sort of doubt it, since we never planned it 🙂

  2. Would not expect anything less. My Vue has close to 220,000 miles on it I am starting to get nervous but I’ll bet it makes it to Loozy again. Got the GPS zero’d in?

    Leave earlier.

    On a side note, my new fave store owner’s husband takes pix then paints pictures.
    Got nice bayou type pix but from Alabama and East Coast. OOPS is store name.I forget acronymic something it mens.

      • Not sure there is one URL.

        BTW BW, I checked with resident teenage boys they said 4 thumbs up on frolicing.
        I was thinking different out of their heads but…..

  3. You’re one lucky woman! Usually if an alarm goes off …it’s too late! Which Winter bait were you using? We’ll be going to Grand Isle on the 20th. Maybe it will work there. Our last trip was a bust. Couldn’t even catch a “Hard Head”! Soooooooooo, did y’all at least catch enough for supper before they shut down?

    • Yes, we did, only because the trout we caught were a very nice size. But I think this trip was more of a learning experience for me . . . just goes to prove that we never stop learning!!!

          • Got it. I opened my email after going to your Blog. I’ve got that bait in another color. I’ll get yours. If it doesn’t work this Summer, I’ll be ready when we fish Decade next Winter.

            • Steffi – have you seen any news on whether or not river floodwaters (around Krotz Springs) have receded and if Morganza flood victims have been able to go home and assess the damage? I would like to do a follow up but can’t find much news on this.

  4. One person’s “epic fail” is another person’s “live to fight another day”. The wind has been so bad here this spring there have been plenty of guides I listen to on the early a.m. outdoor show confessing to turning tail at the jetties – or not even starting. There have been some strong outgoing tides confronting much stronger than usual onshore winds – who needs it? They hate it – especially the loss of income – but caution beats getting beat to death every time.

    Love the pic of your exuberant boys! Makes me want to head to the water – if it weren’t so danged hot. Still no rain, and none forecast for the next week.

  5. We will go!!!! Coach wants to know what kind of fishing we will be doing and what is available from the banks so they know what to bring. Of course they have sorted through all of their gear, lined up coolers to bring home goodies but haven’t given a thought to clothes or travel details, lol.

    • Well, honestly, bank fishing might produce a red fish more likely catfish. We will probabaly be fishing reds from the boat, too. I was thinking about y’all today in regards to the island, but with a 2-year-old, the trip would be a rough one. It’s an hour out there and back. We’ll just have to see. That’s very different than staying inland and going to Lake Decade. Hey—those guys know what’s important and you get to deal with the peripherals! 🙂

  6. Ok Coach et al, My experience is you can never have too few clothes. 2 changes and your good. Banks? Road fishing might be ok off La 1 but not sure this time of year. Travel details? Potty breaks last as long as gas is going in tank.

    2 year old? I am flashing back to all those pix of me in cool places I do not remember. 5 days of rain here. House cleaning in earnest begins.

  7. BW, I heard on the News that some families in the Butte LaRose, Sherburne, and Krotz Springs areas were allowed to go home. That’s all the info I have. You’d think there would have been more coverage. AND…being computer illiterate, I wouldn’t even know where to look for updates.

    • Oh, I had seen the same updates, but I dont’ get to watch a lot of TV news, so I was hoping you had seen some coverage. I haven’t searched today for online updates, though. Need to do that when I have time. Thanks! PS Trip to the island again yesterday . . . the bait did its damage once again.

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