PROW Project Days 3 and 4 — 6 Comments

    • AHA! I got you! Very astute of you, Don! My boat stays under a carport in a subdivision in Houma! So, yes, compared to the Mandalay, that would be “city frog”!!!!!

  1. I’ve got a 15 month old grandson that would probably like having a book about a city frog read to him. Get busy!
    As always, I enjoyed the article and the photos ( not so much the snake though)

    • Yeah, the snakes always creep me out because I can’t get close enough to tell if they are just water snakes or cotton mouths! And I don’t care to get close enough, even with a zoom lens!!! I’ll get right on that book, LOL!!! Has he heard “Regret the Egret” yet? Might be a little advanced just yet . . . .

  2. Beautiful pics as usual. I love the little frog. Rehabilitation might be good for him. 🙂
    Your photo of the pelicans reminded me of a bird I saw last Friday in northeast Texas. We were going thru what is called “The Bottoms” just south of Bogata and there was what looked like a Heron standing in shallow water at the edge of the river. It was a bluish color. I had never seen one in that area before. I wonder if all the storms, winds, etc. have caused some to head that direction.

    • Most likely a great blue heron. I guess their range is more wide spread than I knew because I’ve seen them along the Red River in Shreveport, LA!!!!!

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