Saturday Night LOWA Banquet — 7 Comments

  1. Easy money. Hey banquet reports are supposed to include a menu run down and critique. Where they at? I suppose you were no carbo’ing and snuck bacon in the building?

  2. Congrats! Will you let your readers know when you plan on planting? Maybe you could find some help if there is advanced notice.

  3. Blu – easy money if you can get published enough and someone out there in 13 other states thinks your writing is good enough! These are peer reviewed by judges from states other than this one, TX, or MS!

    Menu? Well, the salad was good. It was held at the HI in Morgan City, LA this year. Banquet fare is always about the same. Some kind of pasta and some kind of chicken. And no, I am not no carbing it. Never have and never will! I love my carbs way too much to snub them! That said, the bread was probably the highlight of the meal for me! Oh, and the “sweet iced tea”!!!! I am a good old southern gal, remember?

    Steffi – I usually don’t get much notice on the planting, but if they give me a few days, I will let y’all know. They might do a major volunteer planting day, and if they do, I’ll certainly post either the details for a link here. How’s that?

    Kim – After taking that shocking first place last year, getting a third was sort of anti-climactic–although still a feather in my personal writing cap!!!

    Vance – Thanks! Check and see if there is a NC Outdoor Writer’s Association. There might be! Boone would be a great candidate to write for them! And you!

  4. BW, a recognition by a peer review is a significant thing. That would be more valuable in my heart and confidence than any cash prize….for sure…(sooo valley, sorry) but overcoming yet another hurricane blow in such a short time, Money, any money ROCKS!
    You are always an inspiration, resourceful and strong, and even without realizing it, you are Grace under Fire!
    Debbi in Texas

  5. Thanks, Deb, but I don’t always feel so strong! I am doing “other things” to distract me from the task at hand, which is figuring out how to get us out of Camp Dularge and into a home on our land down the bayou. Maybe a little more time on the water and all the cob webs will be cleared out!

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