Windy Weekend, Day 1 — 10 Comments

  1. See, we told you you were a talented writer. Doesn’t it make you feel good knowing you were a positive influence through your article? Dad was probably “cussin” you for a while though. In the long run, I’m sure the memories they make together will be passed on to another generation. When and where will we see this newest article in print?

    • Steffi – Hope your life isn’t in a tail spin right now. I get the feeling you have lots on your plate! The little article will be in the pull out TRAVEL SECTION of the Advocate (last Sunday of April?) and it’s entitled “The Louisiana Coast – Tenacity over Tears”, unless they change it, which they might very well do.

  2. Funny last night I was reviving the old Sony stick in the reader. PPIV and your sometime blogger and author and captain of small boats were in there sleeping. Trying to get days extended for trip this month.

  3. now that was way too cool, the chance meeting of all parties, in that small place, with you there, pretty cool to have your words make such a tangible impact on a father/son, even if the darlin lad didn’t remember your name…(..cough, choke….”some..w.o.m.a.n….snort) Hey kiddo…it was “some woman’s” article that lit your fire bubba!!! lol. You certainly are leaving your mark on this world, and for the better too. One small story, article, photo, kid, friend, neighbor, coastal creature at a time….its a nice thing too.

  4. BW, can you send me the link to that ppr, I would love to order a copy for myself……don’t think I’ll be able to pick one up around here… Thanks hon.

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