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  1. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I’ll admit, I’m a little teary-eyed at the moment. I can’t WAIT to hear what you have to say (feel) about being a Grandma <3

    • You softy, you! I’m amazed that I didn’t totally lose it when Termite broke down. He’s such a softy, too! But sometimes that’s a good thing, right? My life is slowly changing . . . as is my focus. I have a feeling more work-related changes are on the horizon. I can’t wait to meet the little darlin’, which is what my mother used to call my Dotter when she was tiny.

    • Good hearing from you again, Cynthia! Hope all is well in your world. Do you still miss the camp? Thanks for the wishes, and I’m looking forward to finally being a grandmother!

  2. It was a beautiful wedding per the photos. I really can’t believe Termite has grown up so fast. You didn’t lose a son, you gained another daughter. I pray your in-laws are as great as mine. We have been so blessed and I want everyone to be that happy. Really great to see the entire family together. Congratulations on the new and coming new family members.

    • It was down-home, and still beautiful to me! He HAS grown up so fast! And you were here the whole time! It’s always nice having them all together, isn’t it? Lots of work, but well worth the effort. Thanks so much!

  3. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Where will they be living?
    This is the 3rd time posting. I keep getting “error” try again. This is the shorter version of my comment and the “error” message.

    • I’m sorry you had trouble. Not sure why that happened. They want to stay on the bayou. They’ve both lived in town at some point, and they don’t like it, although she works in town. She doesn’t seem to mind the drive, but she’s a country girl, and he’s a bayou boy, so it makes sense that they want to be down here! She fishes with him AND duck hunts, too! Camo is part of her wardrobe, LOL!! They are like “peas and carrots”!

      • I’ll bet Termite will have his duck calls when they go out hunting! I’ll NEVER forget that post you wrote! I’m laughing now just thinking about it! ???

        • I told that story on the radio show a couple months ago when we were asked to share a memorable hunting or fishing trip! Those men laughed just as hard! As a matter of fact, there was a lanyard of duck calls decorating the cake table, LOL!!!

    • Amen, Maxine! I think it makes for more work, but if everybody takes a task, well you know what they say about many hands making short work!! It truly was special. I just can’t say it enough. And the fact that he loves her to pieces, and you could see it drippping from his face, made it that much more special! Thanks for stopping by! BW

  4. My gosh. I came over to see what was up, because I was sure the wedding was close, and I hadn’t gotten notice of a new post from you. Well, phooey on the system. Looks like it’s decided I’m not worth an email again!

    That’s all right. I can cope. I’m just glad to see everything came together so beautifully. It looks like a wonderful day — and of course you’re happy beyond words. And with a grandbaby coming along, too? What blessings. The “kids” all look so happy. It’s going to be fun to watch the families grow.

    I hope all’s well for you, too. How are things looking over there, flora and fauna-wise? It’s looking like an early spring here. I saw a redbud in full bloom yesterday, and some of our wildflowers, like crow poison, are everywhere. This spring I’d love to get over there, especially to see the wild irises and the other swamp flowers, etc. What do you think about timing? Early spring for you, too?

    Again, congrats to the newlyweds, and to you for getting through it all!

    • No clue why you didn’t get the email notification. Sorry about that. I promise I’ve not de-listed you!
      As far as the false early spring, I noticed some dewberry flowers yesterday, and man oh man, this is really early for them! Also, my trees looked like a spring migration filled with warblers of all types this past weekend. Do the birds know something we don’t know?
      My boat hadn’t run for a couple of months, so I tackled that yesterday and took it for a short spin. Wind too high to cross the lake to go up into the swamp, but first chance I get, I’m going to see what the wild iris look like. If this spring-like weather continues, they might bloom early. So, possibly mid-to-late March would be your best bet to catch them in bloom, which only lasts about two weeks or so. Oh, and yesterday there was a 10-foot gator hanging out in the canal where I keep my boat. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen gators out in February before. The water is just that warm. I have a Bayou Woman Adventure advertised for the weekend of March 24th, but if it doesn’t book up, the camp will be available that weekend. Let me know when you want to come down.

      • The geese and ducks have been going over for a month here. A resting place is just east of town on a massive ranch and when they are on the ground there, it looks like a sea of white. I know one night I heard them for about 5 minutes solid as they flew over. And our yard needs mowed already!!

        • Just like the hunters said, as soon as the season closes, the ducks and geese would be thick as ticks on a hound dog!!!!!

    • Thanks for asking. Tornadoes didn’t make it this far south, so we were more fortunate than others. Never heard off five at once down here. We’re not known for tornadoes!

  5. I saw on the news today that there were 7 that blew thru. Glad to hear all of you are ok. Sure did a number on parts of New Orleans. And isn’t it Mardi Gras time?

  6. I just went to recipes and checked the white bean recipe. I have the bag laying on the counter along with the makings of a big pan of cornbread. That’s where I put the ingredients for tomorrow nights meal so I don’t forget what we are having. Going to be poor mans steak (salisbury steak), brown gravy, white beans, glazed carrots and cornbread. Will be thinking of you and your late mother in law while I fix them.

    • Yes, do think of her. That’s what makes the continuum I talk about so often!! How did they turn out? The ones I made for the wedding (four pounds at once!!) were delicious and creamy goodness!

      • Creamy and darned good!! I have 4 yellow onions that decided to grow in the onion bin so, I put them in a window in the back porch/laundry room and now I have fresh green onions. Good thing too, I forgot to buy them. The poor mans steak was my moms old recipe. Hubby told me sure was a good meal tonight. I did have to sub some canned, buttered beets for the carrots though. I ran out of prep time.

        This weekend I have to make more tamales. I have several requests for them and only 1 doz left frozen and 2 tamales left from grandsons lunch today. Wish you lived nearby, I’d drop you some off.

  7. Such a beautiful story. How quickly the years pass! I’ve been following since 2007 so it feels like I’ve seen these boys grow up. Congratulations to all!

    • I know! It’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it? He was just a little punk when I started this blog! Hope all is well up in your neck of the U.S.!

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