Coon chores

Mommy, I can fold the clothes, too!

Without photos, most of you would not believe the things this little coon is capable of. She always wants to be where I am–whether it’s folding clothes or cleaning windows

tending the plants . . .

hanging clothes on the line . . .

or just helping me drink my water after a hard day’s work in the yard . . .

I can always count on Chaoui to keep me company.

PS: Raccoons are very, very smart. I don’t have a pic of this, but she loves ice cubes so much, we put them on the floor and she plays hockey with them. Then we kill ourselves laughing when she grabs one with her wet paw and it sticks to her hand and she can’t shake it off. She figured out she has to dip her paw in her water bowl to get it off. Then she pushes the cube around in the bowl until it gets small enough to eat. Then, crunch, crunch, crunch!

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  1. Too cute for words…I love it!!!! Like kids and cats, into everything….You must have the patience of Jobe and soft spot the size of Texas to share your home with a raccoon…..you make me go awwwwwww !!! Keep posting on his/her antics…they are great !!
    …my fav was the water glass…I could’ve watched him for hours trying to get that ice out…which prolly took him seconds to do….clever lil guy…lol

    Hi Deb. It’s AMAZING the things she can get into. The best way to describe her is a “perpetual toddler”. This is The Adventure of Chaoui series and there is one a day for the next 10 days. So, come back every day!!!!

  2. …Wonderful blog and love the lil’ raccoon! I hopped over here via PW’s site and fell in love with the raccoon photos and your blog…Beautiful!

    …Thanks for sharing! Blessings… :o)

    Thanks for stopping by, TJ. You must be in North La. somewhere?