Cypress Cottage Short Update

With the able-bodied help of RenRed and LilSis, the renovations are coming right along.  

We are just taking a break from work and getting a quick “internet” fix before heading back to the cottage to tack down some carpet so this will be a quick and short update.

So, here’s a photo to whet your appetite. Don’t have time to give you all the details but wanted to let you know we’re still here and working very, very hard.

This is the “after” photo. You will never see a “before” photo of the cooktop that was here. It was so nasty with years of burned-on grease, I just could not bring myself to photograph it. 

Heather Here worked her gloved-fingers to the bone with a strong grease cutter cleaning the vent hood and the cabinets.

We managed one good fishing trip, but when I went to take photos of their big fish, I realized my memory card was not in the camera. Not a smart move. I hope that never happens again. We also managed to eat at two “mom and pop” bayou-cooking restaurants, and they were both delicious!

That’s all I have time for now. Gotta get back to work. That RenRed is a real slave driver.


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  1. How many rooms are left? The place looks fantastic!

    After I get the baseboards sanded, primed, painted and installed in back bedroom and hang the mini blinds; I have two doors, three door frames, and two windows left to sand, prime, and paint. That is very tedious. Then, I will have the kitchen to finish.

  2. When’s the “Open House”? Y’all have got to be close to finishing if you’re putting in carpet.

    Open house? I don’t know, but that’s a good idea. We headed out fishing early this morning only to be chased back by the rain! Not that close — just putting carpet in back bedroom and trying to get one room completely done at a time. I hope to have a finished picture of that room by Monday.

  3. Its lookin SO nice BW!!! Hubby and I are talking about taking a trip on our motorcycles next year and it may just have to be a SOUTHERN TRIP!!! LOL Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Motorcycle trip? Will you have the new baby in a sling, or what? LOL!!! Well, come on down, cher!