Cypress Cottage Short Update — 4 Comments

  1. How many rooms are left? The place looks fantastic!

    After I get the baseboards sanded, primed, painted and installed in back bedroom and hang the mini blinds; I have two doors, three door frames, and two windows left to sand, prime, and paint. That is very tedious. Then, I will have the kitchen to finish.

  2. When’s the “Open House”? Y’all have got to be close to finishing if you’re putting in carpet.

    Open house? I don’t know, but that’s a good idea. We headed out fishing early this morning only to be chased back by the rain! Not that close — just putting carpet in back bedroom and trying to get one room completely done at a time. I hope to have a finished picture of that room by Monday.

  3. Its lookin SO nice BW!!! Hubby and I are talking about taking a trip on our motorcycles next year and it may just have to be a SOUTHERN TRIP!!! LOL Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Motorcycle trip? Will you have the new baby in a sling, or what? LOL!!! Well, come on down, cher!

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