In the dark of night, on a lonely road . . . part 2 — 5 Comments

  1. And what will he do with his vetiver? That’s gorgeous – even more beautiful than the one depicted on his website.

    He wants to experiment with it. I’m not sure what all he will use it for. I have a small idea, but don’t think I should divulge his ideas via the www! I guess it will just have to be part of the mystery!

  2. Stunning! I have a yellow hibiscus but not anywhere near as beautiful as that baby. I’m going to check at my local nursery down the road to inquire about some Duponts.

  3. Thank you for the link on where to buy these!

    Lauri, they only sell wholesale, but he told me that if you order 6 and pay for shipping, then you can get 6! Other than that, check with local nurseries to see if they do or would carry them.

  4. Is that Jazz’s tail in the background of the top photo?

    No, that’s a white scrub brush with a feather behind it in the kitchen window!

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