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  1. No, that dude did not die! Wasn’t even injured after ripping off the front bumper. No blood or gator anywhere.

    What a horrible situation for the hunters and ultimately for the over populated alligators. I was hoping for another year of “Swamp People” but I knew that wasn’t happening at the end of last years episodes. I feel bad for the true gator fishers that make a living from them.

    Oh, what a lovely idea to have an alligator suitcase!

    • I’m really glad that phantom gator survived to cross the road again another night! Just to clarify – This newsflash refers to one particular land company here and may extend to other parishes wherein they have leases. Other land companies may follow suite, and I’m not sure how far-reaching this price drop is. If Swamp People wasn’t going to film for another season, I doubt this has anything to do with that decision, since this edit just came down yesterday.

  2. I hate that it has come to this. Too many people against using what nature provides for our use has not helped. I don’t mind admitting I had alligator trimmed shoes. They were my first pair of heels at the ripe old age of 14! Going to miss watching the Swamp People series. But not as much as they will miss having that cushion to fall back on.

    • Alligator heels at 14! Awesome! As I explained to Kaye, I guess the decision not to film another season was already made long before this announcement was made! But, lots of folks will miss the show, and yes, the hunters will definitely miss the income.

  3. Will these land owners still allow alligator farms on their properties to fulfill Fed regulations? The alligator farms will still have to put back into the wild.
    It’s time alligator suitcases, shoes, boots and purses came back into fashion.
    Here’s another thought. I guess I’d best stock up on alligator meat too. We won’t be able to buy it or it will be so expensive we won’t won’t to buy it!

    • I wish I had a place to buy fresh alligator meat. My husband and son love it. I was at a Central Market today and was going to pickup some scallops but, YIKES!! I could buy fishing & hunting license probably for what 2 lbs of those things cost! I did come home with 1 1/2 bushels of Hatch chili peppers that I had roasted while I shopped. I’ve been cleaning them and now my hands are burning a bit. I used a baking soda/water mixture and rubbed on them and let it set. Seems to have helped a lot.

    • The alligator farms only have to return 14% of the hatched babies back into the area from they purchased the eggs. They key is, to leave the eggs alone, because Mother Nature will balance that part out. Eggs hatched at a farm and returned at about two years old have a better survival rate than those hatched in the wild. So, if they don’t buy eggs to hatch and raise at the farm, then they don’t have to return babies to the marsh. Yes, stock up on gator meat if you really like it. I’m still not sure how wide spread this decision not to hunt has spread, but this particular company owns a lot of wetlands in this parish.

    • Steffie – in hindsight, the farmers can still supply farm-raised alligator meat to the markets, so theres hold not be a scarcity of it or a hike in price. Theoretically, anyway.

  4. I have an alligator belt…couldn’t find an authentic alligator purse…at a decent price. Maybe I should go shopping again! Might find a great deal!

  5. This decision is now official for at least two of the major land companies around here: Continental Land and Fur and Apache Land and Minerals.

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