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  1. I squealed with delight at BOTH announcements!!! How exciting. Just FYI–I know how to make a camo wedding cake. Happy times!!!

    • OH no no no no! Unless Termite wants that as his “groom’s cake”. How awesome is that!! Never ever heard of such a thing, nor have I seen one. What’s the cake flavor? Chocolate? It’s all exciting, isn’t it?

  2. Bloody fantastic news all around! LOVE the shirts on Dotter & MuzicMan – definitely Pyrate Approved™
    Big hugs from the Pyrates for Coco & The Not-Little-Anymore-Termite (and all the Billiot Clan)…Viking Theme? Have they been chatting with the QM? LOL
    We miss y’all – and think o’ ye even more than usual as our new home on “Pyrate Island” has the same style o’ lift bridges o’er the Canal as ye have in the Bayou (the older ones especially).

    • I knew you’d like the shirts! Viking theme? Well, we went back to the beginning of the Vikings History series and watched them all in a Viking binge watch! But you are the one who clearly pointed out to me that I am most certainly a Viking descendant, since my maternal grandmother came over on a ship from Denmark in the early 1900s. It truly explains my love of being on the water and explains why I’m a boat captain, too! And it also explains why three of my sons work on boats, too. I only regret that I didn’t identify with this heritage much younger in life. I’m happy for you in your new home and “bayou” reminders!

  3. This is fantastic news!!! You can’t imagine the love you have for your grandchild until you actually have one. And the method of letting you know the good news was so sweet. The shirts were great too.
    Congrats to Termite too. We were blessed to have a fantastic daughter in law and son in law and it sounds like you will be too.
    I will warn you though, if you walk thru a store that has a baby section, be sure you have a really, really large cart. 🙂

    • A really large cart AND a big pocket book!!! That’s what I keep hearing! Really looking forward to this new season of life, Cammy.

  4. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother.
    I to am going to be a first time Mawmaw and my daughters due April 17,2017. I’m so excited because I never thought I would have grandchildren. What are you gonna have the baby call you???? Crongrats on your youngest sons engagement. God is so good. God Bless and Take Care

    • Hi Charlotte. Looks like we have a couple things in common! Congratulations to you, also. Well, as a wise friend of mine told me, “Honey, that grandbaby will call you whatever it wants to and believe me, you will answer!” I’m sure she’s right, but Dotter thought “Winnie” would be suitable, because I DO NOT want to me called granny, LOL! Down here, Mawmaw was my mother-in-law, and Ma-maw was my mother, so those names won’t be used for me. I think “grandmother” is too formal and “grandma” is just sort of plain. I know you didn’t ask for a thesis on grandmother names, but you asked so . . . . Winnie it shall be. I’ve already tried it out on my great niece, and she has called me that since she could talk, and I love it. God is so good, and his blessings are endless.

  5. I’m so happy for you! I had to move from Georgia to washington state to have grandchildren, so I know how you feel. Congratulations to everyone.

    • Well, I certainly don’t have to move states, but life would be a little simpler if I moved from down the bayou into the nearby town in which Dotter and Muzicman live if I’m to help out. I just don’t see that happening, though, since much of my work centers around my boat and the waters down here, plus the camp rental. So, it’s only a 35-minute drive, and that will just have to do. It doesn’t seem like much, but everyone seems so busy that a half hour drive sometimes seems difficult to make. I’ll figure it all out somehow! Thank you for the shared happiness! Any grandmotherly advice for me?

      • Just lots of hugs and kisses! That’s all they need. I am my granddaughter’s big toy. She thinks I can do anything and I love it like that!

  6. Congrats on the wonderful news…a grandbaby AND a wedding! How blessed you are! I too just found out I’m going to be a first time grandmother in June, 2017. I had to laugh…my reaction to the news was very similar to yours. Best wishes to all!

    • Wonderful news! We both have something precious to look forward to,, Lynn! Blessings to you and your family, too!

    • Well, if you only have two seconds, you must be a very BUSY Memaw, LOL! I’m glad my grandmother name as the Steffi seal of approval!

  7. Oh… the planning and excitement, begins… So Happy for ya’ll! I know you are enjoying every minute!

    Hugs and love!

  8. Oh, my gosh. When you said November News, I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. How exciting, all the way around. It’s going to be a wonderful, exciting time. As for that wedding attire — well, we just had a wedding in the family (in the Tulsa region) where, instead of little girls throwing rose petals from baskets before the bride, two little boys fired rose petals from potato guns while wearing their cowboy boots and hats. You just never know!

    It will be fun to follow as events unfold. I have no doubt you’ll keep us up to date!

    • You’re as shocked as I was, I bet!!! I didn’t see either one of these newsworthy events coming. Looks like we’re planning a January wedding, after all. Not even all the family knows that part yet, as I think the date was just chosen this past weekend. The plans are slowly coming together. Wedding on a match-stick budget are the best ones, I think. Lots of planning, family involvement, home cooking, etc. Those are the best gatherings in my opinion!

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