Smoke on the water . . . — 10 Comments

  1. ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never mind the “Law Practice”, with the artistic eye he has, he may be the next C.C. Lockwood!

    Hope you made sure he washed the under carriage of the truck. LOL

  2. The boy is good! He has persuasion and distraction down to an art form. LOL!!
    I hate getting stuck. You get out of hole, wash the vehicle, wash the vehicle, wash……well you know what I am saying. And even though you leave half of a hill of mud in the car wash, you think you are finished and take off down the road and HUGE clumps of mud go flying out from under the frame. Then, the people behind you make your ears burn and you want to sink down into the seat until you are totally invisible.

  3. Spectacular shots my friend. Definitely worth a bit of mud on da boots and da boat and da truck. I taught those 13 year olds for a good number of years and had a lot of time to ponder their strange, usual, and mysterious ways. And while I wanted each one of them to be successful, I got pretty good at picking the winners. Ya got yourself a winner, BW. And it sure beats spending time bayouself.

  4. ROFL! I have been there s-o-o-o many times, BW! West Virginia is famous for its mud and I’ve been stuck in more places than I like to count-in my 4WD too.

    Still for all the hassle, those are some prize-winning photos. I love that boy of yours. He’ll be fine whatever he does because he can see beauty. A lot of people never learn to do that.

  5. You gonna have to watch termite close. He’s way too smart, way to young. You’re mad, he agrees with you, you’re mad, he shows you the beauty of nature, You’re still mad, He still agrees with you. You make threats of cleaning the truck, he agrees. Completely defusing the immediate threat. I know men who live all their life and never learn. He’s way too smooth. Termite the Ladies Man.

    The pictures remind me of camping in my youth.

    Get a cheap cable come-along, a length of cable or some chain and throw behind the truck seat. That’s as coonass as the waders being stuffed inverted between the cab and the bed of the truck. None of us were ever rich enough to have one of those sweet store-bought winches on our bumper. Carry a piece of rebar to drive in as a stake to pull to also.

    Only took me a couple of times walking 5 miles or so looking for a farmer/rancher with a tractor in the middle of the night. Not to mention some irate mothers.

  6. Hey I is back. The ribbon fish master. Phooey on those ladyfish.
    did anyone call?

    I used to be that farmer with the tractor. Have your money and or booze waiting.

    Pix later like midnight.

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