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  1. I didn’t think you had a blog anymore. I’ll have to check back in to see what’s going on with you and Music Man.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    • She probably won’t see any comments here unless I tell her to stop in and read them. I’m sure I’ll chat with your before next week, but just in case, I hope y’all have a great family day, Cuz.

  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
    I only had a sister but we had lots of cousins and Thanksgiving was great time for us to all get together. Thanks so much for sharing and thank you, Captain, for getting Dotter involved. We have two girls and again this year one is ‘on call’ so we will travel to her home with Donna’s goodies and my turkey carving and Pecan Pie. We are so looking forward to it and NO SHOPPING on Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure the stores that close on Thanksgiving will prosper just the same and will have made their employees have an ‘attitude of gratitude. ‘Have a great one!

    • Hey Bob. I heard on a commercial that Marshall’s, TJ Max, etc. will be closed T-day to let their employees enjoy time with family. I wish all the stores would do this. And I want some of your pecan pie! I’m so busy with all the other stuff, somebody ends up buying a pie from Cannata’s bakery. Granted, they are good, but made in your own kitchen is so much better. I wish y’all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      • Not only that, REI is going to be closed on the day AFTER Thanksgiving, to give their employees an extra day with family, and extra time to get outdoors and enjoy the real world. Hooray for them, says me.

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving day. I have a lot of cleaning and baking to do. Have requests for pecan pie, pumpkin pie and chocolate pie. I cracked almost a gallon of pecans today so I will have fresh ones for the pies.

    • Cammy, we had a problem with our pecans. Maybe you can help. We picked them up, cracked and picked them all and put in a ziploc bag on kitchen counter. A couple days later, many of the pecans were covered in what looked like mold and they were all soft and maybe even “rotten”. What happened?

  4. What a delightful post. I always get a kick out of hearing “family stories” from families larger than I experienced. Despite the horror stories about siblings, I always have wished I had some brothers and sisters.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all — we all need a day for pies, hugs, happy conversation and just flat messing around. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all!

    • I will have a basket just inside the door on the counter for everyone’s cell phones. Can we please have a holiday meal and visit afterward without anyone staring at their phone? I hope so!

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