The concrete trucks have landed! — 7 Comments

    • Yes, and interesting you should be thinking that because out on the lake today I was thinking of the different cultural things I want to offer at the “Becoming a you know what” weekends and I thought dancing under the house would be GREAT!!!! More later.

  1. LOL that swiffer looking thingy is a bull float!!! LOL but thats a GREAT comparison my friend!!! LOL I am so happy for you that it is finished!!! what a project you have had on your hands!!!!

  2. Will y’all be dancing around the boilin and fryin pots? Don’t forget to use a “S” hook so the 5′ swings can be taken down to make more room for the dancing. Appears to me there is enough room on your lot for a camper hookup. HINT, HINT!

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