The "Cypress Swamp" bedroom is finished.

And I am so proud and happy! Please, come on in and take a look.

Do you remember what this room looked like before we removed the brown paneling?

And then do you recall what it looked like after we removed the brown paneling?

Right! We uncovered Pepto-Pink cypress beadboard walls.

Oh, and let’s not forget what the closet wall looked like! But then two very good friends from North Louisiana came and saved the day, and now we have this . . .

Wouldn’t you love to come down to hot, humid coastal Louisiana bayou country and lay your head down and rest in this peaceful little room? Well, what are you waiting for?

I hope to see you soon!


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  1. Congratulations! It looks great. I hope your family is as proud of you as they should be!

    Steph, they’ll be proud when I stay home and clean OUR house for a change!

  2. Oh, I love it! What a restful space. Maybe one day I’ll be storytelling in your neck of the woods. It could happen. I’ve been there before!

    Congratulations to you on this project. I’m fascinated and mighty respectful of the amount of work you’ve done.

    Well, I think you should come for a “Bayou Woman Weekend” and tell us some stories!!!

  3. Looks cool and inviting. I can feel the soft breeze coming off the bayou, through the open windows with those lovely curtains fluttering (when it cools off). What a transformation. And I love the bed.

    OH, and don’t forget the mosquitoes!

  4. It looks great! Love the color scheme – black, white, and cool mossy green!

    Hey, before you come down, could you meet up with Deloutre and get the cypress plank for the bar?

  5. BW….it looks wonderful! Great job.

    Yep, thanks to you and The Miller! Hey, are you coming down any time soon? Could you possibly meet up with Heather so she can get the cypress board for the bar?

  6. Hi BW! Emilie and I had dinner last Thursday and we want to come down to your cypress cottage sometime for our “Girl’s Retreat”! It looks just beautiful!

    And what would you girls like to do while you are in bayou country?

  7. The bedroom looks great Wendy! I can’t wait to see it in person.

    Kim, I am going to be offering “Becoming a Bayou Woman” weekends after things get running smoothly. I am so excited about possibility of teaching women how to fish, clean their fish and grill their fish, go crabbing, run a boat, tie up a boat, birding, especially our wading birds, and some photography thrown in. I will host four to six women at a time, as long as they don’t mind sharing rooms. I will be making an “official” post on this as the ideas solidify in my mind. And of course, I will teach them out our wetland and how valuable they are!

  8. Can I come please!!!!!! I could use a vacation really!! I go in to have the baby in the morning so I wont be here for a couple of days!! It looks so nice and homey in that cure bedroom – have a great week and ‘talk’ to you soon!

    Take care of that new baby, Heidi! We’ll all be here when you get back home!

  9. Well, praise and thanks go to BigSis, Heather Here, RenRed, Deloutre Switch, The Miller, Handy Friend, The Captain, Daboo, Danno, Termite, The Derrick, Musicman, Bayou Fabio, Lulu, and am I forgetting anyone else? They each had a part of some project somewhere in the house, whether inside or out, and I am very, very grateful to each one of you for helping out. I am coming down to the wire on being finished with the inside. If Heather Here or Deloutre could make one more trip down, I’m sure I could get finished! The outside, well, it will have to wait until the cottage starts paying for its own maintenance! I’ve had several inquiries about the camp, so I am encouraged! I’ll keep you posted, ok?

  10. Didn’t “Musicman” help you too? It’s very lovely. I especially like the curtains!

    With childcare and the art of being an excellent son-in-law? I am drawing a blank and quite embarrassed about not including him! Please, please, please refresh my memory!