The Pink Bayou Pig! — 30 Comments

  1. Well, this story brought a smile to my face this morning! 🙂 Thanks for telling it. This is not something I would have thought would have happened on the bayou – with a pig in the story.

    • I was WAITING for someone to notice. Petunia is a temporary misnomer because I am looking for just the right “bayou name” that begins with a P. Creativity had to wait because I was so excited about getting the story up and out!!!!!

  2. Hi Everyone! When Termite took the photos from the truck, through the tinted glass and rain, traveling about 35 mph, I never noticed that She was a He. So for a couple days the idea of writing about this pig nagged away at me, and all the while I’m thinking it’s a female. So the name I had chosen is a local word that means short, chubby woman “Pechouet” pronounced “Pee schwet”, but I thought that would be way too hard for my readers to figure out. For the sake of getting the story on paper, I named her Petunia for her pink color intending to give her a better name before post time. Well, as I was editing the photos for the post, I noticed Petunia had an extra body part, but I was too anxious to let you read the story to go back and change the pig’s gender AND give it a male name. So, now, I will think about this some more; and I really believe it should be a bayou name, don’t you?

    Capt. – how do you pronounce that? Is it the name we pronounce “pee rot” (with a rolling “r”)?

  3. You could use a photo editing program to ‘feminize’ the pinkster. You wouldn’t have to change the name that way. In Picasa you use the retouch button for that sort of thing. Cute story. You can’t go wrong with a pink pig. “Charlotte’s Web” and “Babe” are two of my favorites.

  4. This is a cute story. Loved it. And of course Bayou Piggy had all the mud to roll and frolick in that he could every want.:)

  5. Is the color of that pig for real? I can’t remember ever seeing such a pink pig – looks like he’s made of bubble gum, or candy.

    When I was in Liberia, learning the Kpelle language, one of the hardest sounds to learn was “kp”. We practiced the sound by saying “pin KP ig”, over and over!

    • The editor brightened his color a little, but that is what attracted me to him . . . HE WAS PINK!!! Like a piggy bank!!! If you look at that old tank behind him, that is rusty, so the rust is a little bright, as you can see. Termite took these pics from the front seat, leaning over the backseat of the truck, through the rain-covered windows, through actual rain, and at a speed of about 35 mph. I wanted to stop but there was traffic behind me, so I dare not. And there was nowhere, with all this water, to pull over. I was shocked when I saw that he got this pics . . . he snapped them off 1- 2 – 3 and got them! I can’t imaging learning that language!!!! saying KP together!!!

  6. Vinegar and pineapple ginger sauce.

    Whole hog cooker charcoal and pecan chunks.

    3rd weekend in November. Bring you ninja stuff.

    We’ll get Ike to defend us. Maybe have it at his camp. LOL.

    And you, BW, what wrong with Percival for a name the gay knight?

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