Bayou Woman Bracelet

Hopefully by now you’ve woken up from your tryptophan coma enough to check back in with the world of the wide awake!  We had a great Thanksgiving with all our children here except for one.  The food was delicious, and the fellowship even better.  

The most exciting thing happened right after Thanksgiving, though.  I received a package in the mail from my friend Kim, the jewelry designer who now lives in New Mexico.  You may remember her from her garfish scale designs, which she started several years ago.  

When she was here this past September, we sat down at the camp and designed something especially for me, and then for everyone else who wants one.  She was very patient with me as we sat at the computer and tried different colors in the designs on her laptop.  

The end result is something I think is unique and just shouts “Bayou Woman” and “Louisiana Wetlands” all at the same time.  

So, now, to reveal the first ever, Bayou Woman bracelet designed by Kim of Wetland Treasures

Bayou Woman Fish Bracelet 003 Bayou Woman Fish Bracelet 012 Bayou Woman Fish Bracelet 132


The bracelet is made from the most beautifully colored metallic beads, and Kim weaves them on her loom.  The design displays alternating fish–a redfish and then a speckled trout.  All the details of this distinctive bracelet can be found at her online Etsy shop.  You can also purchase them there, just in time for Christmas!

Kim and I have talked for several years about a Bayou Woman line of jewelry.  I’ve worn my garfish scale earrings since she first started making them.  Many of you purchased items as gifts in the past. She has lots of impressive pieces in her Wetland Treasures Etsy shop, in addition to this bracelet.  So, hop on over there and do some desktop shopping–it’s a whole lot better than fighting the traffic and crowds in town!

The BW bracelet is launched and listed at the introductory price for Cyber Monday; and it will be advertised in the side menu, just in case you lose track of this post. You can click on the bracelet photo in the sidebar ad and be at her shop in a flash!  Be sure and browse all her other wetland treasures while you’re there!  

I hope everyone had a thankful Thanksgiving.  And please remember to pray for our faithful reader, Blu, who is not doing so well in his fight against cancer.  At times likes these, prayer and good thoughts are the most compassionate things we can do for our fellow human beings.  

Peace to all,


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    1. Thank you, Sharon. Glad you like it. I love mine, and get compliments every time I wear it. Original design and pretty cool!

  1. Just ordered mine! Love this. As you know, I write fiction with a Louisiana flavor and love things that represent our state in a creative way. Thanks for sharing. Judy Christie

    1. Hi Judy! Yes, Kim told me you were the first to order yours! I’m so happy that I get to know who got the first one. I know your name, and I know I’ve visited your website. Did we ever communicate via email? To my other friends, click here to see Judy’s wide array of books available at booksellers and Amazon! Thanks again for stopping by and letting us know you ordered the first BW bracelet!!!

  2. Here I am! My gosh, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to get caught up after a week away, but it’s just like trying to walk through knee-deep, gumbo-y mud. Slog, slog…

    I’m so sorry to hear about Blu – of course I’ll add him to my prayers. If there’s anything else we can do, please let us know.

    Kim’s jewelry is so fine. I get compliments on the gar scale necklace I have all the time. I’ve not been to her shop for a while. I need to rectify that — like, right now!