Great Blue Heron Contest Winners! — 12 Comments

  1. Love the wildlife photos but let’s see some food shots soon! What’s an autumn dish down your way? Oh yes and Congrats to the winners!

  2. Congratulations to the winners.
    Oysters, shrimp, yummy! Hubby likes gator but, I can’t acquire a taste for it.
    Mom called me yesterday and she had spent the day on the river where it feeds into the lake north of here. Said she had a nice stringer of sand bass & catfish to clean. She is stocking her freezer for the winter! She also saw some deer tracks and wild boar tracks along with a flock of geese. Wish she knew how to operate a camera!

  3. Hey, I placed a comment this morning. What happened to it? It was nice. I wrote earlier how I liked the wildlife photos and would also like to see a food photo shoot (with the recipe of course). Corn and shrimp soup was also mentioned earlier too. I think I’m going to make some tomorrow (if I’ve recovered from tonight). We have all 8 grandchildren ages 4-8. Yes, before anyone ask….we’ve a few loose screws!

    • Steffi, I’m just getting here and I don’t see your comment anywhere. I’m sorry it got lost in cyber space somewhere! I love it when you write, “nice” comments! LOL! Better tighten those screws so you can fish for trout soon! I don’t think I mentioned that kind of soup, but I did mention “redfish chowder”!

  4. I mentioned making Corn and Shrimp soup in my comment that’s out in cyberspace somewhere. Easy to make, and delicious too. Good thing it’s quick and easy. I’m pooped, Hubby’s pooped, the dog’s pooped, and the cat is still in hiding!

  5. Termite and I need to have a long chat! Did someone not tell him it was National Indian Day and therefore he was supposed to give MrsCoach presents? Tsk, tsk. LOL

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